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Tails GID sketch by NanakoHarrison Tails GID sketch by NanakoHarrison
:icontailsmodernstyle: Is that ok?
TailsModernStyle Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2017
Oh, there it is! :D
I was patiently waiting for it, glad that you were able to do this sketch for me now :) Very appreciated!
And I think it looks pretty awesome already x3 Especially Tails' body proportions here! He looks very cury and chubby - just how I like him xD Of course he could always be a little bit chubbier in the belly area for my taste, but I guess that it's fine enough here :3 His worried facial expression is extremely adorable, fits perfectly to Tails' rather scaredy personality. It almost looks like he is trying to beg with his big eyes to be freed x3
The duct tape looks a bit small here, but still big enough to keep his mouth shut I guess. And duct tape always works well on Tails, so I can see why you picked it again :D
I'm not sure about his hands here, but in the final pic they should be bare and of course have five fingers x3
But there's a few minor changes I like to be made: 
- Tails should have only three toes on each of his feet instead of four - simply looks better on Sonic character in my opinion.
- for my taste there's not enough rope around him xD Could you eventually add some rope boundles that would be wrapped around his chest? Around the wrists and legs it looks fine enough I guess^^ And oh, there definitely needs to be much, much more rope around his twin tails! One little rope wouldn't be enough x3 
- and could you maybe add a cute collar around his neck again? Would be a sweet addition ;P

That would be it though ^^; 
Thanks so much for the sketch already, feel free to ask me anything :3 And of course I'll stay with you in touch in the notes!
NanakoHarrison Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hands: five fingers
Feet: three toes
More rope, especially on the chest and tails
A collar.
Should the collar be attached to rope? What color does it have?
TailsModernStyle Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2017
Exactly! Just how you summed it up^^
The collar doesn't have to be attached to rope. But you could try to attach it to rope, but only if you know a good way to do that, because I have no clue ^^;
The collar could be red again or black :3
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