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My Bio

Hello, I am an AI artist, programmer, and advocate of AI technology.

Ive been in content creation most of my life, close to two decades experience with photoshop, blender and poser. AI tools are new though, and i have found them a pathway into doing very cool things since about september 2022

I've found a broad variety of applications and creative uses for AI art. I make fanart for my favourite franchises, art for videogame mods, mood pieces in times of strong emotion, silly whimsical stream-of-consciousness style stuff, and various experiments with new technology

My works can be divided into two broad categories:

The pure AI pieces, which are the result of a prompt, usually with minor or no editing afterwards

and the Serious Works, that are long multi-part pieces where AIs are used as a base and refinement, alongside heavy usage of photoshop. All of the latter can be found in my Proudest Works gallery. Many of these take multiple days or even weeks of dedicated work, this isnt just pushing a button to make a pretty picture

Comments are always welcome. I will try my best to respond, so please leave your thoughts. I'm open to discussion and debate about all manner of subjects, but please be civil.

Its important for me to have artistic merit in my works. The use of an AI cheapens beauty, I know this. So I try to make each piece with a purpose. To tell a story, make people laugh, inspire a mood, make an artistic or philosophical statement, or commemorate a person/thing that i loved. For things that don't have any meaning to me, I use my Freakshow gallery so as not to spam public spaces

I use the gallery tab to categorise works into groups, please look there!

My subjects are varied. I do a lot of warhammer stuff and fanart for a few other universes, some memes, lots of pretty artistic landscape scenes without characters, a few occasional wierd things

Sometimes i let my imagination run wild, other times i go in with a set plan. I do a little of everything!

Everything I post is my own work, though many things use characters and themes from other IPs.

I am an aspiring game developer and the reason I originally got into AI art was to make characters, places, and things for those future games. I still strive towards this goal, and I have created a gallery especially for those images

Everything in that gallery is 100% original, and i like to write little bits of lore for them, although i'm not a great writer. I am interested in collaborating with a writer, focusing on fantasy to help with the stuff above

If you like my work, leave a comment! Critique is especially welcome, i have a lot of control and can fix mistakes the AI made if you guys help me find them

If you wonder about my account age, I originally signed up here just as a normal user, to look at pictures and follow people. It's only this year i've started creating content

Favourite Writers
Harry Tuffs, Alexis Kennedy
Favourite Games
Sunless series, House of Many Doors
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Midjourney v3, Midjourney v4 beta, stable diffusion

Proxy Printing

4 min read
Over the past few months, both on DA and other sites, i have recieved several enquiries about the possibility of having my artwork printed up into real, physical MTG cards, so that people can play with them. For context, check out these works I too am interested in this, primarily for the potential of monetising my art and making this process more sustainable. If fixing MTG cards could be a source of income, i'd be able to devote much more time to it! I would hope to sell cards for £5-10 apiece, depending on the costs involved in production For now, if you want to help me out on that front, please consider buying a commission: But let me tell more about my efforts here. Over the past few months I have been contacting and searching through many print services, in the hope of finding someone who could handle the printing aspects of my needs, and create the products to sell. However, I have run into many
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Success on DA seems like a wild gamble. You upload an image, and who can guess how it will do. Some things go viral and bring in traffic for days, some just quietly slip into obscurity. I think it is fair to say that all, or most successful images, are good images. They contain interesting subjects, composition, colors, ideas, etc. Ultimately, a "good" image is one that, when people look at it, they like it, and want to hit favourite. But the inverse is not true, all good images are not successful. Because being good, and containing all of the aforementioned qualities, is itself just one of the qualities an image needs to succeed. The other quality is being enticing. This is not the same as being good. Before an image can even be judged as good or not - by looking at it up close and evaluating it -, it must first pass a different kind of evaluation. When viewed only as a thumbnail, and often among a sea of other images, it must catch the viewer's attention enough to make them click
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3 min read
Well it finally happened, I suppose it happens to everyone eventually if they get popular enough. Deviantart's protect feature has notified me of my works being reuploaded on the site by other people, without credit. So far only two I've been copied plenty in my life before, some 3d models and once, rehosting an entire game. but artwork copying is new. I've been lucky so far that its only two, i've heard of some people having their entire galleries copied I like to approach these things with a sense of decorum and an open mind. I've reached out to the people involved, in hopes that these cases were just misunderstandings or mistakes. It is better to be kind. The first one, I think, was an innocent act. This account reuploaded molten rose. But it is his only ever upload, and he doesn't even have any favourites. It seems most likely to be an unintended accident, maybe someone who doesnt understand the site features properly. And since molten rose was just one of those accidental
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I just came back after a decade not active due to work, I've seen art from the evolution of real paint, to digital and now AI. I've work in visual industry for printing and advertisement industry for this long and as a person whom is neutral I don't feel intimidated by AI image at all. People think its easy to generate a specific pretty pic, but they never try to make it themselves. I'm coming back to fulfill my digital drawing hobby and AI reference is amazing. So much more visual information I can absorb in a short amount of time.

I'm running trough AI artist and I'm proud to let you know you are my first watch after my comeback.

I understand some older artist despise AI for a few different reasons, but I can tell them now that base on the market AI generated art VS digital artist is very different. Rarely would the market crash into each other for the same reasons. If they feel like this is end of the world, wait till they find out few years down the road people can extract image from mind trough a device and paste them down to a computer, that would be way more scarier then what AI can do now.

I will most likely be learning to draw digital art and would view AI for their amazing reference capability, once I"m good at drawing I"ll most likely be generating my own AI art and start to learn traditional painting and make exclusive piece for the pure joy of it.

Keep up the good art, I'll be visiting whenever I'm on :)

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... Extracting images from the brain? Yea, sure, if you think neuropathways run on magic. How would you translate synapses into imagery? And no, sticking things into your brain is not recommended no matter what an idiot like Elon Musk says. Reason we generally tend to not get invasive with the brain aside from electrodes adhered to the scalp is because one little slip-up results in brain damage or possible cerebral hemorrhage that then leads to nerve cell death and brain damage. The blood-brain barrier is there for a reason.

Let alone the human brain is infinitely more complex from a computer: 80 billion separate nerve cells connecting to billions more from the spine to the body. There isn't just one central spot on the brain where imagination comes from; it's the entire structure working in tandem to create a very specific pathway. Speaking as someone who studied biological psychology for three years.

I love you, thank you for this kind comment

I agree, it is much harder than they think to generate a specific picture

This one for example, took me two whole weeks!

Thank you so much for the WatchHamtaro Mouse Emoji-05 (Kawaii Stare) [V1]


I meant to say: Me

BEING goofy!

..... of course...........

I look at your art, and I

have-to wonder?????


(Create to be great! :D)

Do you work for a game/comic company

nope i'm all alone, self employed, and not (yet) rich enough to employ anyone

i hope to start my own company

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