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Not just another duck this time, but Della Duck.

I put a very similar pic on my Twitter few days back in the wakes of the DuckTales episode "What ever happened to Della Duck?!", but made some minor changes for this larger version. I was thinking about more detailed coloring when sketching this, but in the end decided to use flat colors just like in my previous fan art of the series, and I'm quite happy with the result. Although I'm not sure about the face, I tried to make the expression quite subtle because Della is represented as a strong survivor yet as a caring mom missing her family.
Anyway the episode featured some cool references to different movies as well to the original series, but my favorite was the Moon theme from the DuckTales video games. 8D

Della Duck © Disney
art © Nanagon
Alfred and Winnie
And here we go, ducks again... 8D

So this time I was doodling Alfred and Winnie, some idea that :iconnya-nannu: threw at me a while ago. I never meant these to be anything final, but she wanted to color them and use for something in the future. Anyway, Alfred J. Kwak is something I can never forget, for its bold topics in a children's animation.

Alfred and Winnie © Herman van Veen
art © Nanagon, nya-nannu

Tagged by :iconsnowkinder:.

You have to post ALL the rules. 
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1. What is the most annoying TV commercial?
All those advertising reality shows whose only point is to stare shirtless men and bikini women such as Love Island and others alike. They pop up all of a sudden before the commercial break, so you can't really avoid seeing them either.

2. Favorite Christmas food?

3. Do you need caffeine?
I'm not addicted to it and it doesn't help my fatigue, so I guess it's no, but drinking coffee is just so Finnish that I do it nearly every day anyway.

4. Worst teacher you ever had?
Our health education teacher in junior high school. Don't even ask what she did to achieve that award.

5. Favorite childhood memory?
The childhood as a whole, so carefree times without the pressures of being an adult!

6. Potatoes or rice?
I'm not a fan of either, but mashed potatoes are good.

7. What is the weirdest place you have slept?
Probably Sisu XA-180. Man it's one freaking freeze box in winter, and sleeping in it is actually forbidden because it has an automatic fire extinguishing system that releases halon gases, stealing all oxygen from the surrounding air, but one slept night after numerous sleepless ones was really worth the risk. (And what's the probability of fire in a diesel powered metal coffin in -35 °C anyway?)

8. Can you cook?
Enough to make my own food every now and then. I prefer baking...

9. Strangest sounding language in your opinion?
Idk maybe Danish.

10. Most disgusting mess you have ever had to clean?
A half-meter layer of pigeon poop (and skeletons) inside the roof of an old furniture factory. A big roof indeed.

11. Early bird or night owl?
Night owl. I'm a paperboy. And it sucks.

12. Worst Disney film iyo?
I haven't probably seen it yet, but so far I've seen enough clips from Chicken Little (2005) that it looks like the worst.

I'm going to follow Snowkinder and not bother all 12 deviants, only half of that: :iconashurana::iconlilplatypuss::iconpotato-guy::iconnya-nannu::iconfuugis::iconkastraz:

1. Do you enjoy doing these tags?
2. What usually inspires you to draw?
3. What was the last thing you drew?
4. Everyone has their dream occupation, but is there any job you want to avoid at all cost?
5. Do you have a desktop computer, or are those really gone extinct as some say?
6. Do you like plants in your home?
7. Got any pets?
8. Do you drink tea?
9. What is your favorite personal effect?
10. What are you wearing at the moment?
11. The best day or moment in you life (so far)?
12. Normal or daylight saving time?

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  • Drinking: Jaffa Jouluomena
Beyond the Horizon
Time to submit something or the break will drag on forever again~

I still don't know why I almost never draw stuff like this even though I love sci-fi, space and all kinds of machines... Maybe it's because I want to respect those and not make crappy art out of them? xD
Well this time I did, and as you can probably tell from its looks, it was an inktober entry and the difference to rest of my work here is quite prominent. In fact this was made for a contest, and the subject was my favorite PC game Elite Dangerous, the fourth installment of the legendary Elite that defined open world sandbox games back in 1984. So absolutely nothing to worry about when making fan art...

Anyway, what we all love in open world games is that when you look at the horizon and see something interesting there, you can decide to go there as well, right? But what if you looked at the stars in the sky, and would want to go there? That's what I love in Dangerous, you can do that if you're brave enough. And you won't run out of stars either, there's the entire Milky Way with 400 billion systems to visit - maybe that's why I've been playing the game for 4 years now and still haven't got enough of it. |3

Made with ProMarkers and white ink.
Waddler Moon
Another addition to the magical duck girl series!

Definitely one of the most famous magical girls ever, Sailor Moon as a (Disney-styled) duck! Would it be a collection of well-known magical girls without her anyway? As usual, drawing by me, coloring by nya-nannu. ^^

More magical duck girls:
Little Pixel Sakura Bullet Dark Cardquacker Sakura
Mini Strawberry Pixel  Mew Quack Ichigo

Sailor Moon © Naoko Takeuchi
art © Nanagon, nya-nannu




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