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unitary mono by NanaBuluku unitary mono by NanaBuluku
Fixed: Installation:

Just unzip and drag the tar.gz file to the theme tab in appearance preferences.

If you want it to theme sudoed apps then you have to manually unzip the tar.gz and copy the folder into "/usr/share/themes" with nautilus i.e.

$gksu nautilus

Uploaded 0.0.6-2

new scrollbars and progress bars.

Uploaded 0.0.6-1

Chrome(ium) now honours gtk theme.

Changed breadcrumbs as I thought the previous window button based ones were a bit ordinary.

Some colours fixed.

Insensitive menu items now more readable.

Uploaded 0.0.5

dark menus, tweaked buttons and tabs

uploaded unitary mono 0.0.4

scroll down for installation notes

metacity now much cleaner, smaller buttons and better looking breadcrumbs that more reflect what I wish the 0.1.0 release to look like.


Uploaded unitary mono 0.0.3

lots of fixes and changes to breadcrumbs

Uploaded unitary mono 0.0.2

Update: new breadcrumbs and numerous colour fixes

Installation notes:

Note: Both unitary themes are intended for use with Ubuntu 11.04 with unity and nautilus breadcrumbs.

Unzip and drag *.tar.gz onto the theme tab in the appearance preferences. You will have to manually choose the unitary metacity by hitting customise.

unitary now comes in two flavours. "Light" and "Mono". As the name suggests mono is a variation that substitutes colour with subtler shades.

Both themes have been updated and various issues have been fixed regarding text readability/contrast as well as the visual style being somewhat tidied up.
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tasteful panel.
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