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unitary light
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Published: March 20, 2011

Fixed: Just unzip and drag the tar.gz file to the theme tab in appearance preferences.

If you want it to theme sudoed apps then you have to manually unzip the tar.gz and copy the folder into "/usr/share/themes" with nautilus i.e.

$gksu nautilus

0.0.8 uploaded

Fixed issues with tab highlighting
Fixed nautilus elementary status bar
Highlighted list entry gradient fixed
Buttons and tabs now have more consistent gradient
Faenza Dark now suggested icon theme as it has gained better Unity support
0.0.7-2 uploaded

Changed scrollbars and progress bars to better suit color scheme and style.

0.0.7-1 uploaded

new breadcrumbs, cleaned up gtk, colours tweaked, dark menus, metacity more consistent

0.0.5 Uploaded

Many fixes to do with readability and contrast as well as lots of niggling bugs and anomalies fixed.

Also check out "unitary mono" a monochrome version of what is now "unitary light"

Woops, anyone who downloaded yesterday would have likely gotten an empty bad. It's rectified. Still and experimental theme though. Scroll down for install instructions.

Uploaded ACTUAL archive "unitary 0.0.4"


Update 0.0.4 uploaded

fixed colours and buttons

Update: 0.0.3 uploaded

fix: until now if the metacity was used with any font size other than the Ubuntu default 11pt window title the buttons would not show properly.

Main issue to be fixed in the next day or two is that default text shade is too light for listview and save dialogues etc. I would like to keep the main text colour light and airy though, so I'll see what I can do about differentiating them in the GTkRC

Instructions on giving it a whorl:

This theme is intended for use on Ubuntu 11:04 with Unity shell and Nautilus Elementary.

Unzip and then drag the .tar.gz file to the theme tab in appearance preferences. The metacity will not yet automatically apply so you must click customise and choose "unitary_0.0.2" under the window border tab.

Also, to match the panel with the unity launcher you must open ccsm and under the unity plugin set panel opacity to around 0.65

0.0.2 uploaded

Update: As may be evident by all the writing I'm updating every few hours until I'm satisfied I can put a 0.0.1 on it.

View changer button in Nautilus Elementary now suits GTK theme...yeah, maybe it's time to slap a number on it.

Update: If anyone who stumbles upon this knows how to properly package the tarball so that both the metacity and gtk+ theme are applied when it is dragged to the theme window I would greatly appreciate some pointers. I can't find anything about it but I do know it probably has something to do with the desktop configuration file.

Also: Breadcrumbs are all buttonfied and glow ubuntu orange, background is lighter, started to tweak the scrollbars.

Update: I've included a preview of the metacity based on the unity generic "fallback" maximised window buttons. Also I've trimmed a whole bunch of stuff out of the elementary gtk package so the download is much smaller.

This is the first iteration of a theme I'm mashing together. It is mostly just elementary by DanRabbit at the moment with a modified gnome-panel.rc created by Isantop that suits the Ubuntu Natty unity interface when panel transparency is enabled and set to about 0.65. It will change rapidly with a new metacity and scrollbar design to be added within the week. The colours will be tweaked more as well to give it a softer/lighter tone ah la Ambiance GTK.

Not yet packaged properly but once you've dragged it onto the theme appearances tab you can simply choose customise and then select unimentary under controls and window border.

NB: This theme is intended for use on Natty and will be worked on purely to that end. Hopefully 0.1.0 will be ready for the Natty launch in a month.

NB: Also the name will change as this is just a working title carried over from me trying to get elementary to look ok in Natty.
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Hi Dude, thanks I found this :) ummm....Can I have your launcher's resources? and can you tell me where to find those :D. I like it coz it looks like in ocelot :D
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As I hinted at, this is a VERY early mashup and is mainly uploaded for my own archival purposes.
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