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I really should put a disclaimer on these pbr (panel button replacement) themes, you should only really try it out if the instructions I give seem like I'm being too detailed. The only reason for this is that if you somehow lose the default Ambiance theme you will have to hunt down the light-themes package in Synaptic and reinstall it. Also, don't hesitate to ask a question in the reply box or sling me an email if you're having trouble!

Also, I'm almost certain that if a new version of the light-themes package is dropped it will overwrite a theme installed in this way.

This is strictly intended for use with unity on ubuntu 11.04

All kudos to SkiesOfAzel (gtk and metacity) and the Ambiance team (metacity), everything released under GPL.


1. Backup and/or rename the original Ambiance theme.

2. If you want it to theme the GDM and when sudoed then extract Ambiance.tar.gz into "/usr/share/themes" (after you have done step 1). Then do step 3.

3. Otherwise you can just copy the included "metacity-1" folder into "/usr/share/themes/Ambiance" and choose to merge and replace all. Then do step 4.

4. Then drag Ambiance.tar.gz to the Appearance Preferences theme tab and deselect then reselect Ambiance.


Tip: In order to copy to the "/usr/share/themes" folder you must open the nautilus file manager with privileges.

To do this press Alt-F2 and type:

gksu nautilus


Undo! Undo!

Ok, If you don't want to use it any more:

1. If you renamed Ambiance then simply name it "Ambiance" again after removing the fake Ambiance Minty Freshness theme in both "/usr/share/themes" and "/home/(yourusername)/.themes".

2. If you moved the original Ambiance theme folder out of "/usr/share/themes/" simply open nautilus with privileges and copy your Ambiance backup folder (make sure it's named it "Ambiance") to "/usr/share/themes/". After you've removed both the fake Ambiance Minty Freshness theme in both "/usr/share/themes" and "/home/(yourusername)/.themes"

Then unselect and reselect the Ambiance theme in Appearance Preferences

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