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ICE Redux

By NanaBuluku
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This is a cool blue version of Radiamentary based on the latest Radiance Gtk (heavily modified) and elementary metacity. It should certainly be considered an alpha. I would much appreciate any bug notices. So far it has only been tested in the latest fully updated Ubuntu 12.04 under unity. I will test and tweak under gnome shell and cinnamon over the next day or two.

Radiamentary Ice


-Changed name to ICE Redux to reflect that it is now based on Redux

-Many bugfixes including one involving illegible insensitive text.


- Heavily tweaked Radiance gtk2 + gtk3 with crisp edges and cool blue tones.
- Overhauled Previous Radiamentary metacity to suit new colour scheme.
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I've been using ICE-Redux for a few days now and it is, far and away, the best theme I've seen for gnome (I've been using ubuntu and gnome for around 8 years now). I really like the minimalist, elegant style of I-r. It sets a really high standard. I do hope that it is developed further.
Great work, NanaBuluku!
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Hi I've just installed ICE-redux on ubuntu 12.04 running the gnome 2 shell. It looks great. I really like the Mac OS style close/min/max buttons, a very nice touch. I-r is, IMO, one of the very best themes around. Thanks
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Oh, BTW, I changed the selection color from that incredibly ugly orange brown that the ubuntu people seem to love. Easy to do, using 

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface gtk-color-scheme "selected_bg_color:#D3B37D" 

or whatever other color you want.

See…   post #2 for fuller story.
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Thanks for this nice theme.
A couple of suggestions:
1) Nautilus to have folder pane background same as title bar with a thin separator on the right, dual folder pane separator, and a darker background for inactive pane
2) Selection color to be blue instead of orange (e.g. the color used in thunderbird)
May I also ask how you've managed to get the same background for thunderbird main window toolbar? Most other themes miss this and I have to keep changing userChrome.css.
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On "System Update" not see the text because it blends into the background.
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NanaBulukuHobbyist Interface Designer
Cheers! I'll check out the gtk2.
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NanaBulukuHobbyist Interface Designer
Gtk3 sorry
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If you do not mind continuing to signal to other errors. It's my favorite theme and I hope you will please.
Folder > properties > sharing
The same problem that I have already reported.
See [link]
Thanks for sharing your beautiful work :)
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NanaBulukuHobbyist Interface Designer
There is a new version up!

It's quite an extensive rewrite.

If you like the old version more I can simply fix a couple of the issues you have and post it under its old name. However the new version really is a lot less buggy.


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I think we can say that they are two different types. Deserve every two. In the meantime I do a backup of the old theme. Thanks for all NanaBuluku.
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Sorry for my bad English :(
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One of the best gtk3 themes ever. Really. :)
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Looks great man!! one question...I'm working on a theme and it will not display the sliders and the slider trough is huge. You have any idea on how to fix that? Thanks ;)
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