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Llama 4 llama people! XDDD
United States
I give llama badges to those who added my drawings to their favorite :nod: so no need to thank me! But I do appreciate if you can give me llama badge as well :nod: If you have time to type "thank you for llama!" then please use that time to push the "Give llama badge" button! :shakefist: I'll be moooorreee happyyyy!!!:rage::XD::hug::heart:
:iconllamajumpplz:LLama love!!:w00t::XD::love:
I appreciate every comment on my gallery and will reply to them all!:iconimhappyplz::heart:

I just hope everybody on Deviantart enjoys the fun here! and hopelly find some likes in my gallery~ ^^ because I'm still learning how to draw and if people appreciates my drawing, even a little, that'll make my day~! :love: :heart:

Current Residence: U.S.A
Favourite genre of music: classic...? or any kind of Japanese music
Favourite style of art: Digital drawing^^
Operating System: Window Vista....==;
Favourite cartoon character: Gintoki,Edward,Zorro,etc.
Personal Quote: language is not the only way to communicate, Art is also a great way to know people
It's been a month since I opened up commissions....and so far I've had great experiences with it!!  People are very kind enough to commission me and their requests were very fun to draw!! :D

There was one thing I noticed about my commission plans.... I might have priced the commissions too low considering how much time and effort I take into working those :/
First of all, if the request was to draw commissioner's OCs or the characters/things that I have never drawn....I look at references closely and then practice drawing them in my style to get use to it before working on the actual commission:/ to make them look natural in my style.
Second, I find references of objects such as jackets, boots, flowers, underwater, and etc. to make my drawing not to look shitty but neat and good to look at :) and to give a best drawing that I can create at this level of drawing skills right now to my dear commissioners :)
At last, I didn't learn until recent that paypal takes 3% PLUS $0.30 for the transfer fee :/ so I haven't got the whole amount that I want for the commissions :(

Therefore, I will raise the prices of the commission soon or later.  I especially want to change the prices on the coloring commission since it took extremely longer hours than the other two (sketch and line art).  My usual coloring style is more like a painting with a line art (I think. I'm not sure if you can call my coloring "painting" lol since I've ever really painted on actual canvas in my real life other then my last 1 year at high school) ....painting coloring style takes more time to color than a cell shading :/ (or I guess it depends on colors,time of the day that the characters are in, and details of the drawing but painting style definitely need patient and details to put in :))  So I was thinking about separating coloring commission: flat, cell shading, and CG painting.

For now, the prices of my commission plans stay as the first one [… (journal) (deviation)] since I still haven't got a good idea on how much I should raise it without making future commissioners feel robbed by me lol  But after doing several commissions, I KNOW that I put too much work and effort on making my dear commissioners satisfy; therefore, I think I deserve a little rise on my wage ;) :XD:
For the changes I'm going to make on the prices, I need to make samples for it so I think it takes time to change the prices :/ (I still am going through some random artists out there who gives a commission and see how they are pricing their commissions with their drawing skills :/)

I briefly got an idea for full body though...since that's the only requests I have got so far :) and have more experience in those XD
I'm thinking about pricing the CG painted full body 1 character to be $25. :) and hmm...I'm actually having trouble on how much I should charge for the additional characters :/  I'm concerning between "double the price for the additional characters" or make it "$18 per additional characters" ^^;  I checked other deviants commission prices and many of them seems to double the price for the additional characters....then I gave a thought about it....and came up with an answer that doubling the price doesn't sound pleasant to me :/....if I want to pay for commission, I would give up on it if I hear a sound of "double"....I'm not saying it's wrong to do that, but it's just that I don't like the sound of it.  Words like "discount""sale""less""%off" are good when it comes to money lol But like I said I know I put so much effort and time on it...I should be awarded with "double"...?^^; hhhhhmmmmmm sooo yeah I still need more time and a good working brain(lol) to come up with decent prices....OTL  Biggest problem is I don't know if my drawing skill is good enough to get paid $25 for full body color commission :/ but if I look from wage aspect, I'm being paid a lot less then I should be getting :/ It usually takes about 4-5hrs(excluding sketch and lineart) to finish 1 full body colored drawing and takes longer if character has more detailed clothing, accessories, and etc.

Oh I'm also thinking about opening up point commission because there is DevWEARs, stickers, accessories, that I would love to have, and I wish to experience premium membership at least once in my life! :XD: but I haven't got a good idea for what to do with point commissions :/ I'm thinking about doing just chibi point commissions with a smaller size than a paypal commission and with cell shading.  Or come up with a theme already for the commissioners and just draw into that :/ so that way I can make it very cheap point commission for customers^^
But I'm not really sure on this one for now :/ I need to give a thoughts about paypal commissions first! XD

So.....What do you think? Did the reasons about raising the price sounded fair? Or I just sounded greedy and bitchy? lol ....OTL

Like I said at the beginning, I'm having a great experiences with commissions! (I really think it helped me give a motivation to draw more and actually improve on drawing skills! :D and helped me to motivate myself to challenge in drawing new things!^^)  Therefore, I hope to seek a continuation of great experiences with a commissioners and with their requests!! :D :D :D :D

Okay I think I'm done for now!! XD Thank you very much if you read this long journal!!! :hug::heart: Hope you'll have a great day!:salute:

Commissions that I have finished:
1):iconshacaro: sketch commission
2):iconblueoriontiger: lineart commission
3):iconmeerelfthaylen: color commission
(it's soooo cool that I got commission request in order of sketch=>lineart=>color!! XD what a coincidence! >3<)

Commission that I have yet to work on:
1):iconshacaro: on her OC sketch commission (I need a refs! >3<)
2):iconmeerelfthaylen: his two OCs color commission (chara design finished)(working on sketch:nod:)
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  • Watching: JP TV shows
  • Playing: Mahjong Titans
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  • Drinking: milk~



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