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Maximum Modern UI Alpha

By nan0j0k3r
This is not the final version. Please make a backup before installing.
Follow these instructions to install the mod. :
It only supports Windows 8.1, don't use it on Windows 7 or 10.

UPDATE: Depending on what Microsoft does with the icons in Windows 10, I might return to make a new mod exclusively for the new operating system. You can follow me on Twitter for Microsoft and other technology news at
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these icons are powerful enough to flat my eyes off

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Ever got around to updating this for Win10?

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How i install it? :P good icons thanks
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Only on Windows 8.1, as it was never designed for Windows 10. Microsoft has taken to update icons one by one, so the need for further development is gone.
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Fort the first, thx for share this great iconset. Its amazing. Can i use it, if are final version, on windows 10?
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ebola? GTFO !
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Great job... i just recommended Microsoft hire you for the design of new icons based on this article's leaks....…
The only icon i wish you had a bit different is the icon for the recycle bin. I am not a big fan of garbage can. :P

I'm hoping those leaks are fake.... But yeah, really.. Awesome job!
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This is not the final version, I have a different one uploaded in the cloud. A few of the icons in this mod, such as the recycle bin, are more like placeholders I took from the web.
I'm not a designer, but if Microsoft doesn't make beautiful icons, I will start this mod all over again, using the newer version as a starting point.
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When substituting imageres.dll stops working shift in the Metro! Can I fix it?
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May you let me ask you if any of you fond a way to patch or replace the shell32.dll system32 file in windows 8.1 64 bits cause my system wont boot if i patch or replace the shell32.dll file in it.
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Perfect, do not need to change all the ICO, but better to Win10 compatible interface, thank you very much.
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As you know Microsoft will soon release the Windows Threshold Technical Preview. From a number of leaked screenshots it can be noted that MS will change the aesthetics of the Desktop and the overall window layout. I will continue working on icons when I get my hands on it. This time I will be creating them in Illustrator so that I can provide you with both an icon theme and separate vector files of the icons. Thank you all for downloading and endorsing my work. If any of you are interested in a collaboration for creating the new set of icons, let me know.
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Супер! отличные иконки.
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is icon packs useful for those of us that shrunk icons? I got my icons on small, would using custom ones make a big difference with small icons set? Because I'd barely be able to see a change if I'm set to "small"
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is this still being worked on?
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May I the past, was this available for Windows 7 at all?  I had customized my PC big time, but had to reinstall Windows after a bad profile corruption, so lost it all, PLUS the notes on where I had gotten everything.  This set is extremely close to the one I had installed...

I would look at the "Previous Versions" to see, but that link seems to be broken.  It isn't functional.

If you did have a W7 supported version, and still do, what could I bribe you with for the opportunity to use this awesome work again? 

No harm no foul if not.  Thanks!!
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I didn't make a version for Windows 7. Windows 7 is designed in a different spirit, so I respect that. I realized that this imageres and shell32 dll mod can break things if certain conditions are not met. I designed an even newer version of this mod, but I lost access to the files.

If Microsoft makes a radical redesign on the Desktop in Windows 8.2 or Windows 9, I don't want to be spending a lot of time and resources for nothing. There are Aero leftovers in Windows 8.x Desktop, and I want them gone. As an example, the folder previews overlay are not compatible with what I did, and Internet Explorer crashes when I modify some of the icons in shell32.dll. I expect Microsoft to move on to vectorized windows and icons, to offer better scalability and sharp looking UI. It isn't too high on their priority list, because they have bigger problems to worry about, like attracting consumers and developers to the ModernUI platform, and integrating all of their services in every product that uses Windows.

I also don't have enough time for this anymore, and hope for a real redesign from Microsoft because they have better designers that are paid to do these things. The OS needs to be cleaned of legacy bloat, there are icons in some dlls that simply don't make sense anymore, since some of them date back from the Windows 95 days. Microsoft needs to make a cleaned up Windows 9, but for that to happen, a lot of consumers and also the enterprise have to move on, which takes time and money, not to mention the backfire from those who don't want to change anything they do on a PC, even if you give them time and support.
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Thanks for the reply and no worries at all.  Your set must not have been what I was using before.  I'll find something else  :-)
I can't upgrade to W8 because I use several applications (required by my work and some clients) that have not upgraded to support W8, and probably won't.

I hear what you're saying about Microsoft....I've gone from being a fan a few years ago to a point today of being ready to jump ship.  My nightmare with the Surface tablet, versions of their core software that are incompatible, app data that users want/need to sync between devices that hasn't been addressed yet.  All that plus inconsistent support or flat out wrong information presented by their own people and products. 

I think everybody gets the issue's not so much that people hate the metro/modern UI (although you hear about it most), it's that Microsoft is too saddled with legacy thinking, legacy framework and software components, groups and product teams aren't working together, and  the goals too scattered.  All resulting in applications and products that on one hand have brilliant ideas, yet are handicapped and made ineffectual by stupid decisions , old methodologies, and a complete lack of understanding a user's needs.

I find myself, on a weekly basis at times, wanting to walk through the Microsoft offices, smacking the people on the head and yelling "what the &%# are you people thinking????"
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I was hoping that the "previous versions" you had a link to in the original post had a Windows 7 versions among them.  Since the link is broken or no longer functional I couldn't check myself.  I certainly wasn't asking you to make one...that would be too much work and I would never expect that.  Just wanted to be clear since I thought perhaps my first comment might have been misunderstood.

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These are amazing but could you please release the individual ico files for these? 
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I would love to but ATM I am running Ubuntu on a USB drive because my HDD died, and I'm saving for an SSD. If you are patient, I'll create a huge refresh of both imageres.dll and shell32.dll this summer. You can also use Resource Hacker FX to do the extraction yourself, or, you could use the latest version of Axialis Icon Workshop, which was also used to create most of these icons.If you need further help, please ask and I'll try my best to guide you through the process, although it is very simple. You don't need to buy Axialis Icon Workhop, you can try it for free just to do the extraction. Thanks for appreciating my work, and hope to hear from you soon. Share with your friends, and give some feedback if you have time.
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Make Imageres.dll and shell32.dll for windows 8.1 we are waiting for
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Unfortunately I'm running Linux on a USB flash drive because my HDD died, and I want to save up for an SSD to replace it.
Also consider the fact that Microsoft may be working on bringing vectorized svg modern icons (probably interactive , too) in Windows 9.
I'll probably resume developement for it this summer, but you are also free to use my project as a base for yours, just don't forget to mention that I was one of your sources of inspiration.
You can also expect the Desktop to change quite a bit in the coming versions of Windows, since there is a demand for it.
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