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PSS - Squads


Squads are teams of four personals that allows you to do missions a lot easier than doing them all by yourselves.

Squads can be formed when 4 members agreed on becoming one. If you want to register your squad, you can note the group with the following format:
Squad name: (The name of your squad)
Members' usernames: (The dA usernames of everyone in the squad)
Character names : (The names of members of the squad, max 4)
Squad's privileges: (Extra Cash / Quick Rank-up)(required)
Squad Logo: (Link to your squad logo, make it flashy!)(optional)
When your squad's registration is accepted, your squad is now official! Congrats!
Note: Squads gets two different kinds of privileges:
 1. Extra Cash
Your squad gets 50% more Poke reward from completing missions, but gets your Rank Score (RS) reward cut by 30%
Ex. The mission gives you 400 Pokes and 35 RS, with this privilege each member will get 600 Pokes. But, t
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PSS - Shop and Garage
-=Shop and Garage=-

Welcome to the Shop and the Garage, the place where you blow off your money!


The Shop contains various items that will help you around events and mission!
Item List:

> Character Slot [2000 Poke]
Use this to make more characters once you've made three.
> Shiny Charm [5000 Poke]
Buy this to turn one of your existing character a shiny or to make your new character one. Note: Making a new shiny character while already having three characters requires the Shiny Charm AND the Character Slot.
> Oran Berry [20 Poke]
Restores 100 HP.
> Refined Oran Berry [200 Poke]
A specially enhanced Oran Berry! Restores 500 HP.
> Elixir [40 Poke]
Restores one of your moves' PP by 10.
> Max Elixir [400 Poke]
Restores all of your move
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PSS - Battle System
-=Battle System=-

There's no fun in a role-play group without any intense fighting!

PSS now introduces you the new Battle System!
On-planet Battles

The first Battle System we're talking about it the On-planet Battles.
On-planet battles are fights that doesn't involve your beautiful spaceship... a.k.a. you're using your pokemon's moves.
On-planet battles usually involves close combat, mainly as a part of a mission or so. There's no defenses in On-planet Battles so you should be careful. The damage dealt by your character's moves depends on their power, and multiplies by 1.5 if your character is the same as the move. Type effectiveness affects as well, because Pokemon are unique themselves move types affect foreign aliens that has a certain elemental feature, such as stone aliens. Be aware that not only your character's moves can affect other aliens. Their elemental attack affects your character's type as well.
Ex. <
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PSS - World Building
-=World Building=-

Wait, what? First, there's spaceship designing. Second, this?!

World Building is as simple as Spaceship Designing, maybe even simpler since this world you're building is all on you!
The purpose of World Building is to let you determine your character's homeworld or for roleplaying purposes.
But of course, A planet has those astronomic details that only a few people would understand.
I'll just tell you the basic ones:
Radius : 45 x106km (go random!)
Mass : 56 x105kg (go random!)
Gravity : 9,3 m/s2 (go random!)
Humidity : Moderate (choose between None/Low/Moderate/High, homeworlds must at least have Moderate Humidity)
Planet Type : Lush (go wild!)
Threat level : 55 TL (Pick between 1-200, TL = Threat Level)
Now that being said, your planet should of course be drawn and sized out based on the radius and type because it doesn't make sen
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PSS - Spaceship Designing
-=Spaceship Designing=-

You heard the man! That's right! You can draw and design your own spaceship!

Designing your own spaceship is a must before you do missions that takes place in outer space!
Doing so is quite simple! All you need to do is literally design your spaceship, however you like it!
BUT the design must correlate to the stats you gave. Stats, really? Yes.
A single spaceship has these basic stats:
HP (The amount of damage it can withstand before blowing up to smitherins)
DEF (The amount of damage taken it can reduce)
ATK (The amount of immense damage it can deal to enemy spaceships)
SPD (Determines how fast your ship can fly and evade all the bullets)
FR (The small time span between shots that determines how fast your ship can shoot)
PWR (Determines how long your ship can continuously fire before running out of power and recharge)
The stats themselves also have points, l
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PSS - F.A.Q.


This F.A.Q. journal is just to simplify the rules, but it is still important to read through!

What is Pokemon Space Squads?
Pokemon Space Squads, or PSS for short, is a roleplay group based on the PMD basics and is inspired by SPORE and Starbound.
Can I join?
ABSOLUTELY! The more the merrier! But please read up the journals before you start working on your app.
How many characters can I have?
You'll start with 3 character slots, and you'll have to buy more Character Slots in the shop if you want another.
Can I have a Legendary for a character?
Sadly not, sorry.
How about a Mythical?
That, you may have. But, you may only have 1 Mythical if the 3 count cap isn't reached yet
Mega Evolutions?
You can't have a mega for normal characters, but there will be events that lets you make your own mega-evolved pokemon!
A shiny character?
You are allowed to
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PSS - How to Join
-=How to Join=-
So, got your app done? Good, now's the right time to do the final step: Joining!

As it was already said in Rules, if you'd like to join you can send a join request with this format:
Username: (Your dA username)
Character name: (Name of your new character)
Application: (Link to your character app)
Spaceship : (Link to your character's spaceship)
Extra Note: (Something you want to say)(optional)
BUT before you click that "send join request" button, please read these rules again:
    > Your character must be a feral pokemon, no fakemons, no legendaries.
    > Your character, however, can be any mythical as you wish as long as the 3 count cap isn't reached yet.
    > Your character can't be the other alien race, but NPCs are allowed as one.
    > Be patient, because grading a lot of apps takes time. If your join request expired, you can resend the join request with the extra
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PSS - Rank and Poke
-=Rank and Poke=-


Rank is the leveling system of the group. Everytime you do missions / submit artworks, we'll give you Rank Scores (RS) To rank up!

Currently, there 8 ranks you can achieve along with the total RS needed for you to reach that rank:
Stone Rank (Every new character starts at this rank)
Iron Rank (500 RS)
Steel Rank (1000 RS)
Bronze Rank (1500 RS)
Silver Rank (2000 RS)
Gold Rank (5000 RS)
Platinum Rank (10000 RS)
Carbon Rank (15000 RS)Once you reach a higher rank, the reward you'll get from missions and grading summed up is added by 3%. And each time you rank up adds another 3%.
Ex. The mission gives you 200 Pokes and 64 RS. Because you're a Bronze Rank, it means that the reward is added up by 9% which will now give you 218 Pokes and 70 RS. The additional reward is rounded up.

RS are given based on grades:

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PSS - Character Creation

-=Character Creation=-

This journal will help you make your character for the group!

When making your character, please follow these guidelines:

> General guidelines

> You are allowed to have 3 characters, and you can have more by purchasing a character slot in the shop.
> You are allowed to have 1 shiny pokemon. You can have another or turn one into a shiny by either purchasing a Shiny Charm in the shop or reach Steel Rank for one free Shiny Charm.
> Strictly no fakemon or legendaries.
> We strictly forbid the use of bases, art tracing, and recoloring, as well as commissioned / requested art. Unless you're more of a writer and can't draw your own visual ref, then you may ask or commission someone for the visual refs.
> Visual reference can be any media! Digital, traditional (you can ask someone to crop your character and paste it in the app sheet), you name it.
> Don't make up yo
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PSS - Rules


These are the rules of the group, so please follow them all.

> General Rules
    > Respect the admins and be nice to fellow members.
    > Discrimination is strictly prohibited and you will be temporarily kicked for it.
    > Note the group if you see something's off with the group or the members.
    > Don't spam the front page, please.
    > The group runs the Three-Strike System. Three warnings for violating the rules and you're out.
    > If you're kicked / banned, but wants to join back, you can note the owner (Meta-Z) to say sorry and promise me you'll never do it AGAIN!
> Submission rules

    > Keep your artworks and literatures rated PG13.
    > Put the mission details in the description when you're doing one.
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PSS - Lore

        Everything started on 2028 where the Pokemon World still exists. It was the time where they have established outer space colonies. They wander the galaxy for more and better worlds to live in as their natural resources of their homeworld were running low. Everything was going well for 4 years until an alien colony, claimed themselves to be The Juneva, invaded the Pokemon world. At first, they offered that they will not destroy their homeworld with a condition of them being their slaves. But, the rejection from the military commander caused The Juneva to ravage their homeworld. Nearly everyone on the planet were killed and the planet was left a barren. Fortunately, the remaining survivors managed to escape to one of their biggest colonies, and formed a federation to fend off incoming invasions.
        As time flew by, the federation had discovered unique alien races across the stars. Apparent
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