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I'm from 2016 Nan Desu Kan

I think a bit earlier on Saturday will work for more people. Can we do 1pm Sat in front of the Yardhouse? I will be cosplaying Kirito from SAO(GGO version) and will probably be with a Sven from Black Cat.
Hi guys I just wanted to express my excitement that this year (2015) Nan Desu Kan is coming up! I will finally be attending from September 4th - 6th! My dates that I will be there hopefully will be all day Saturday, all day Sunday, and perhaps a small portion of the evening on Friday. My cosplay includes hopefully a Teen Titan cosplay where I will be charactering as Raven. A second optional cosplay is of Yoruichi from Bleach while she is fighting Soi-fon. 

I am hoping to meet anyone who is at NDK outside of the hotel, perhaps in front of the "Yardhouse", at 3 PM Saturday and any other day that people would like to meet up! It will be very exciting and I am absolutely pumped to see some of your fantastic costumes and meet more people in the community. Feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions!
Can we get the NDK14 foldeer open to post photos?
I'll be doing free shoots all three days! If your interested give me a shout!! I'll be wearing a white Dixie cup hat! Lets have a fun and safe weekend and let's get some beautiful shots
Hey I know there isn't a One Piece photoshoot this year and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in making an unofficial photoshoot for OP, I have the information on my journal here
We need FMA COSPLAYERS who are willing todo a (possible) panel!
So far we have
Alphonse (human)
Edward elric (most versions)
And a possible Winry/ Riza