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This is my moment of glory...

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I'll be the chosen one! by NamyGaga

Como ya pude crear el diseño de Nuka adulto, ¡al fin pude traerles este dibujo que quise hacer desde hace tanto tiempo!

¿Qué hubiera pasado si Nuka hubiera sobrevivido a su muerte? Seguramente, al Kovu ya ser el rey junto a Kiara, Nuka, en una de sus oportunidades hubiera tomado el mismo rol que su padre Scar y tratado de asesinar a Kovu. ¿Porqué no retratar esa escena con la misma que marcó nuestras infancias? La escena donde Scar asesina a su hermano Mufasa, en éste caso, Nuka asesina a Kovu, todo por venganza de él jamás haber sido tomado como "el elegido". 

Para el dibujo, traté lo más posible que el estilo se pareciera al de la película, pero no todo está a mi alcance xd ... perdonen ese patético fondo... no soy buena con los fondos :'v

As I already could create the design of adult Nuka, I finally bring you this drawing that I wanted to do for so long!

What if Nuka had survived to his death? Surely, When Kovu to be the king with Kiara, Nuka, in one of its opportunities would have taken the same roll that his father Scar and tried to assassinate Kovu. Why not portray that scene with the same that marked our childhoods? The scene where Scar assassins his brother Mufasa, in this case, Nuka kills Kovu, all for revenge for he has never been taken as "the chosen one".

For the drawing, I tried as much as possible the style would look like the movie, but not everything is within my reach xd ... sorry for that pathetic background ... I'm not good with the backgrounds :'v

Based on the image: 
Scar kills Mufasa1 by NamyGaga
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Can i take this art for my instagram account
I go to credit you
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Nuka about to k*ll kovu

Found this.

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Adam-WalkerHobbyist Writer
As they say: What goes around, comes around. 
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Adam-WalkerHobbyist Writer
As they say: What goes around, comes around. 
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foxythebloodhoundHobbyist Filmographer

kovu nuka brother help me

nuka long live the KING

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This is amazing

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Nuka: Kiara. What have you done?
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R.I.P. Kovu 1998-2019
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Yes!  Brilliant!  Absolutely brilliant!  
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PouassonDeOroHobbyist Digital Artist
Stolen again on Instagram:…
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PouassonDeOroHobbyist Digital Artist
This was stolen on Instagram :(…
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SUP-FANHobbyist Artist
Whoa, deja vu 
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TammyTheRangerHobbyist General Artist
I'll make you proud, mother!
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quedo un remke 
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BlueEmberTheFoxStudent Traditional Artist

And a moment of tramatizationn

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Surely, this is the worst possible timeline.
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CyberWolf09Hobbyist Artist
"Mom said it's my turn to rule the Pridelands."
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The-Rebel-AngelHobbyist Digital Artist
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AsuramaProfessional Digital Artist
Me gusta mucho el resultado final
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MythicalMarvelousHobbyist Digital Artist
Nuka really looks like scar here...😀
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spike234070Hobbyist General Artist
I wonder what Nuka's rendition of "Be Prepared" would sound like.

Someone make a cover of that, PLEASE.
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