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The other me #1

The other me #2:…


They bring this small mini cómic that happened to me to do a few days ago. It treats principally of Sonata, and as he says the name of the cómic, of other one I of Sonata.

To what do I refer? So, already do they see that the Dazzlings are of Equestria and that in the human world it is the double his human some?, since of this it treats, of how they meet his doubles.

The cómic will not be very long, only a few leaves, I hope that they like.
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sonata:Oh boi it´s taco tursday

other sonata:But i´m the one- *they shocked*

sonata:*scream as sr pelo mokey*

other sonata:*same*

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RESUME OF this page 1 in mokey style, i guess.

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Spider-Man PS4 - Spider-Man Icon👉             👈 Spider-Man PS4 - Spider-Man Icon 2 
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None of them are attracted to guys?
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Oh this should be interesting.
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i think of solid snack on the last one
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Great, now we have two Sonatas.
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where is the problem with that?
ok, unless u like tacos... :)
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Haha, don't worry, I wasn't being sarcastic.
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Wahhh!! I've been looking for stories for the Dazzlings like this! Omigosh I'm gonna look forward to these comic of yours :D
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My clone now neither of us will be virgins!
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note que no le agregaste muchos efectos al cabello
subirás mas dibujos tradicional  
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de hecho no agregué tantos... porque en mis comics no detallo mucho... pero en la segunda pagina (que está en proceso de dibujo) se notará gran diferencia en los efectos.
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oki.... doki.... loki .....Pinkie pie (don't smile and bad news) plz  XD
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This won't end well.
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or it will go really really well 
.... Dude... :/
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