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Steele's siblings

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Un reencuentro entre Steele y sus hermanos después de los acontecimientos de Balto's movie.

La familia de Steele es una importante ascendencia de perros de trineo honorables. Los hermanos son casi iguales en personalidad que Steele o hasta peor; que se hayan enterado de lo que Steele hizo a Nome con tal de seguir siendo el perro guía de su trineo los hizo molestarlo y burlarse de él una vez que se volvieron a reunir con él.

Su hermana menor, Oneida, no estaba nada impresionada. Desde pequeña sabía que Steele era un prepotente tonto que no pensaba antes de actuar, así que se esperaba un fracaso así de grande viniendo de él. Sus 2 hermanos mayores, Delta y Seneka de inmediato lo vieron como objeto de burla. Seneka fue más de rebajarlo, diciéndole "Miren quien decidió correr a acurrucarse con su familia, el tonto de Steele" Mientras que Delta sólo le repetía una y otra vez lo exitoso que él ha sido dirigiendo su trineo de perros sin una pizca de esfuerzo.

Steele en verdad esperaba algo de consuelo de sus hermanos de camada, pero se llevó lo contrario.

Decidí diseñarle hermanos a Steele, ya que, bueno, cuando hay una camada de perros de raza grande, suelen nacer de 4 a 8. decidí diseñarle 3 hermanos más.

-Oneida: Es la menor, de pelaje en su mayoría blanco, con el lomo en negro, personalidad seria y de pocas palabras. Es una simple mascota de hogar, de una familia de clase alta.
-Seneka: Es el hermano de en medio, mayor que Steele, de pelaje en su mayoría negro, abdomen, patas y cara blancas, bravucón torpe y agresivo. Es un perro de de vigilancia, compañero del sheriff de su aldea.
-Delta: Es el hermano mayor de todos, de pelaje casi idéntico al de Steele, personalidad pesada y presumida. Es líder de trineo de su dueño.

A reunion between Steele and his siblings after the events of Balto's movie.

The Steele family is an important ancestor of honorable sled dogs. The brothers are almost equal in personality than Steele or even worse; that they knowed what Steele did to Nome in order to remain the guide dog of his sleigh, made them annoy him and bother him once they met him again.

His younger sister, Oneida, was not at all impressed. Since her childhood she knew that Steele was a stupid fool who didn't think before acting, so she expected a big failure coming from him. His 2 older brothers, Delta and Seneka immediately saw him as an object of mockery. Seneka was more to lower him, telling him "Look who decided to run to snuggle with his family, the fool of Steele" While Delta just repeated over and over again how successful he has been directing his dog sled without a hint of effort.

Steele really expected some comfort from his litter brothers, but he took the opposite

I decided to design brothers for Steele, because, well, when a litter born of breed of big dogs, they are usually born from 4 to 8. I decided to design 3 more siblings for him.

-Oneida: She is the youngest, mostly white fur, with the back in black, serious personality and few words. She's a simple home pet, from a high class family.
-Seneka: He is the middle brother, older than Steele, mostly black fur, belly, legs and face white, clumsy and aggressive bully. He is a watchdog, fellow sheriff of his village.
-Delta: He is the older brother of all, with almost identical fur to Steele, heavy and conceited personality. It is the sled leader of its owner.
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Hey. They're real! I wanna hug Oneida!

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V1EWT1FULHobbyist Digital Artist
you can tell its his family, since they ALL look evil, those faces they have just really look threatening, brutish, and or angry
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OliverthePlayerStudent Artist

The way I see it is that the Siblings are not glad to see Steele at all, like a small Backstory of Steele being the best sleddog, making his Siblings feel left out and unloved, so ever since it felt like he ditched them, they never feel glad to to see him again, if your get my point

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V1EWT1FULHobbyist Digital Artist
i get it, though i think its also that he may not have been the "kindest" brother
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A very good work on Steele's family.
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maite666Student Artist
que lindo me encanto
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Sabrina-GagaStudent Digital Artist
 B E  G O N E   T H O T
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PainterlyphotobomerHobbyist General Artist
wow it took me a while to realize that the background is a photograph blends in really well 
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Helen-FireGirlStudent Digital Artist
wow es genial
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Interesante! Me sorprende que todos sean "mala persona" de alguna manera. Oneida se ve muy graciosa con ese moño.
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Steele despite being an asshole won his way into my heart more then once. He is a villain and a jerk two things I adore in fictional characters. I love antthro versions and feral versions of Steele he is a cute pup.
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kreatyvkamz17Hobbyist General Artist
I love ur drawing style. Reminds me so much of that old classic disney and warner brother's animation.
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So cool!
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Endrance88Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i never thought in a million years i'd find a deviantart account obsessed with balto
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NamyGagaHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm not obsessed... Look at my gallery, of my 1237 pieces of art, only 6 are from Balto
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Endrance88Hobbyist Traditional Artist
you have been absolved of all baltoness
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Interesting and Pretty
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Good God, they're multiplying! :omg:
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Jeez, no wonder he turned out the way he did.
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chacrawarriorHobbyist General Artist
I am hearing singing: "All of you see my butthole" and it is a catchy song.
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yes... i love that you've made a "big" brother for steele... this feels so right, like, an entire movie could be made off of them. lmfao. i'd love to see steele constantly trying to one-up his brother and get owned every time, that would be such a satisfying movie to watch honestly.
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croconawdilesHobbyist General Artist
such a good movie man
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