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Spinel inside her Gemstone

MORE:  Spinel holding Gem Rejuvenator by NamyGaga

Hice este vector de icónica imagen de la silueta de Spinel dentro de su gema, imagen la cual fue revelada en el primer trailer de la película de Steven Universe. 

Para este vector, actualicé el diseño de la gema de Spinel así como el mismo diseño de Spinel.

I  made this iconic vector image of Spinel's silhouette inside her gem, an image that was revealed in the first Steven Universe movie trailer.

For this vector, I updated the Spinel gem design as well as the same Spinel design.

Vector that I made because I used it in a Trap Remix of "Other Friends" in my YT :) (Smile)…
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Between the iron gates

of Fate,

the seeds of time

were sown

And watered by

the deeds of those

who know

and who are known...

Knowledge is

a deadly friend

if no one

sets the rules

The fate of all

Mankind, I see

is in

the hands of FOOLS!
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looks like an evil mickey mouse without her full hair

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I do have to admit:

... That edit is f***ing awesome =D
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Not sure if anyone agrees with me, but I'm getting some MAJOR vibes that Spinel is based off of Bass from the MegaMan series... I mean the whole internet meme about the two explains it.

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Now that we know how she looks, we can rewatch the teaser trailer with this version of the gem. :D
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in the desc it said "his gem"
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this is really good (spinel best gem) *runs away*
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Thatz very cool👍👍🤭
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Its the trueueue kinda love
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I always had the idea each gem has a room'like place inside their gemstone whrn they are damaged and need to rest...
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Amazing artwork of Spinel!

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theres so much spinel art that i feel like breaking someones spinel cord
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