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Scar's descendants - AU

MORE "Almasi's Kigndom":
Almasi, My TLK OC by NamyGaga  The lionesses plan something - AU by NamyGaga  Almasi and Scar - AU by NamyGaga

Volviendo a mi AU del Rey Leon "Almasi's Kingdom" quise traerles un dibujo de cómo es que viven la generación descendiente de Scar, años después de que él haya muerto y dejado las praderas custodiadas por Almasi, su hija preferida.

Ya que las praderas le pertenecen a Almasi desde que Scar murió en aquél incendio, Almasi ha custodiado con exito el reino, recordando con honor a su padrastro Scar, aunque ha regido el reino con la misma garra que su padre, también ha tratado de no caer en los mismos errores que él. Cuando Scar era rey, Almasi sabía que su error al mandato era el consumir todo al punto de no tener comida ni agua en las Praderas. Ahora, en su reinado, Almasi rige con la misma garra dura e insensible, pero administrando mejor la comida y agua, así para tener "Un buen ciclo de la vida" algo que ella admite cuidar con odio. Es mala pero no es tonta.

En cuanto a sus hermanastros y demás descendencia de Scar, viven como los príncipes que son, bajo el cuidado de la manada y de Almasi. Ya que ellos fueron importantes para Scar, Almasi los considera sus hermanos de sangre y protege de los demás.
En este reinado, como no falta la comida ni el agua, están fuertes y sanos, son felices y como les han enseñado son fieles a seguir las huellas de Scar.


Return to my AU of the Lion King "Almasi's Kingdom" I wanted to bring you a picture of how the descendant generation of Scar living, years after he died and left the Pridelands guarded by Almasi, his favorite daughter.

Since the Pridelands belong to Almasi since Scar died in that fire, Almasi has successfully guarded the kingdom, remembering with honor his stepfather Scar, although she has ruled the kingdom with the same paw that his father, has also tried not to fall into the same mistakes as him. When Scar was king, Almasi knew that his mistake to the mandate was to consume everything to the point of not having food or water in the Pridelands. Now, in her reign, Almasi rules with the same hard and insensitive paw, but managing food and water better, so as to have "A good cycle of life" something she admits to taking care of with hatred. She's bad but isn't stupid.

As for her stepbrothers and other descendants of Scar, they live like the princes and princesses they are, under the care of the pack and Almasi. Since they were important to Scar, Almasi considers them her blood brothers and protects them from others.
In this reign, as there is no lack of food or water, they are strong and healthy, they are happy and as they have been taught they are faithful to follow the footsteps of Scar.


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Who is the male lion with the mane next to Kovu, Vitani and Nuka?

ienzo628's avatar

Oh okay, thanks for clarifying.

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Can I take this art for my Instagram account
I go to credit you
spyrkle4's avatar
Oh nice! This is interesting!
CyberWolf09's avatar
What happens to the hyenas though?

Do they still get kicked out?
art200000's avatar

Kovu is not Scar's son or relative though?

NamyGaga's avatar
Kovu is adopted, as Vitani
art200000's avatar

Yes, I knew. I just wanted to make it clear to you because it's titled "Scar's descendants" when Kovu's not his relative XD

I'm not sure about Vitani though, as it was not mentioned directly in the film that she wasn't Scar's daughter like Kovu but since Kovu and Vitani are around the same age, they are probably from the same litter and share the same parents :)

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I already knew from before that Kovu and Vitani are dopted by Scar. The piece has that name because simply all the characters in the piece were considered "children" of Scar when he was alive, although most aren't his children of blood :0
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The ultimate soldier and protector. Scar's most trusted. The one to carry on his legacy.
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tienes algun fanfic para leer del reino de almasi???, me encanta este AU, espero que hagas mas sobre ello en el futuro 
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Out of curiosity, and going off from your previous picture with Scar ordering Almasi to escort Nala to the border and then kill her, is this AU where she did just that, meaning that Nala died and never went to find Simba and bring him back, thus leaving Scar the undisputed king?
NamyGaga's avatar
No, actually Nala go out of the lands, far away. Almasi accompanies her as a "traveling partner" while there, Almasi meets Simba first. Almasi knows that if Simba and Nala meet, they will tell what happened in Scar's reign. Almasi creates plans and more things are given.
Vtoony's avatar
Aha, ok. Thanks for explaining this. I hope I get to see more Almasi and your wonderful Lion King work in the future.
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I though rafiki saids: "Instead of clouds, these lions appear in fire."
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remember that this are Scar's children, they look at Scar as a hero, not as a villain. They believe in seeing him in heaven, not in hell.
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Haha Nuka looks so happy
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(Haha i'm Scar in my camp's play this year)
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i have never seen such a beautiful girl like you,can i make a friend with you?
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I would like to vape scar
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The lion on the rocks muzzle(?) Should be out more,,, just saying
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