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Scar VS Scar

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Animated ScarVS Liveaction Scar
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Scar really Who is that imposter?

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I prefer Scar's original color scheme.

It makes him come across as a creature of the night. He always skulks around. He's not a creature of the day in any sense of the word.

Mufasa is golden like the sun and Scar is dark like the night.

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the Timon "EEeee!?" just reeks off scars expression XD

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"this my kingdom, my destiny!"

"I'm surrounded by idiots"

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How about 1994 Nala VS 2019 Nala, and draw 2019 Nala with 7 whiskers on each side of her nose please?

¿Qué tal 1994 Nala contra 2019 Nala, y dibujar 2019 Nala con siete bigotes a cada lado de la nariz, por favor?

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Who else besides me thinks 2019 Scar looks more like an Asian lion (Panthera leo persica)?

¿Quién más, además de mí, piensa que 2019 Scar se parece más a un león asiático?

Scar on the right>Scar on the left.

My reaction excatly.

Lol scar have my face every I see something gross

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-Ew, what is that thing? It's coming closer!

-Hey, what's up?

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I don't blame you Scar. I would react the same way 😨

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Scar: "What ARE you?!"

Live-Action!Scar: "You with a meth addiction."
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I kinda liked the live action scar. Everyone moaned about expressions and how it should have been imporved but lets appreciate the attention to detail taken to create scar. They didnt randomly just make some brown lion and give him a fully black mane with a bright red scar easily noticed. No instead they created a greyish fur that had a light tint of brown so a mix of scar and an actual lions fur. They didnt pull their brains out and go "ooo lets just blindly make his mane black" but they remebered that scar is malnourished and skinnier and less built than his brother mufasa indicating that he has a lack of testosterone meaning he lacks a fully dark mane like everyone moaning expected. Tbh it scars live action design is pretty good in my opinion. It couldnt have been done better tbh.
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1994 Scar: Scared scar icon Yeeesh, it’s like they literally took me outside and beaten me up like a formerly handsome dirty throw rug, just like Zazu predicted!
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I don't like the new movie. Ughhhhh the remake scar just looks like a neglected lion left at a bad sideshow zoo
OMLioNdraws's avatar
isnt scar neglected???
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Family-wise? Maybe

But in the new movie he just looks super... unhealthy. In real life, males usually get the most prey, but Scar looks like he's been starved for months. It's just unsettling
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It really is unsettling. I mean, in the original movie, Scar had a lean yet strong body type. But here, he just looks like he's been malnourished and physically abused.

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Scar: Oh, why did they make me look so dreadful in this rebooted movie?!

Scar 2019: Listen, me, I'm not too thrilled about my looks either.
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ja te mamaste whuenisima xD

the truth, i prefer the of 1994

A-Little-Tea-Rat's avatar
Pff, love animated Scar's pose and expression :XD:
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Just got back from seeing Lion King. And honestly, 2019 Scar did not disappoint at all. Classic Scar will always be a legend, but 2019 Scar is genuinely how he should be portrayed.
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