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My Little Witch Academia 7

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Pequeño redraw que hice de un screenshot del anime "Little Witch Academia" haciendo crossover con My Little Pony, creando "My Little Witch Academia"

Para este crossover, decidí dejar a las molestas Hannah y Barbara como Starlight y Trixie.

Little redraw I did from a screenshot of the anime "Little Witch Academia" crossover with My Little Pony, creating "My Little Witch Academia"

For this crossover, I decided to make the annoying Hannah and Barbara as Starlight and Trixie.

LWA Screen 7 by NamyGaga
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these were all amazing

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I have some LWA OC ideas:

-Joanne Joestar

-Sylvia Speedwagon

-Dia Brando

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Oh buen crossover
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Oh my god... I love this.

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omg meanie girls
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Good work! Its seems official hehehe
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I love Starlight's smile.
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Its good to see Your EQG art again.
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This is the best crossover ever 👌👌👌👌👌
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I can totally see it!
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Needs more Sucy, Sucy doesn't get the love she deserves.
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yessss two of the best shows :3
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looks really good
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Very well drawn :)
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i love this a little too much xD <3
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Now that was a great picture.
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I wished that was Cannon! :3
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so very beautiful :)
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¿Por qué Diana tiene el cabello rojo? ;P
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I like it but hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh omg...

I'm kinda like half n half when it comes to MLP and the MLP fandom. no offense to you this is a really good piece
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