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My Little Witch Academia 3

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EDIT 01/13/18: 
ESPAÑOL: Cambié que el cabello de colores fuera el de la forma "Chariot" y el cabello rosa el de la forma "Ursula", así que éste dibujo ya es erróneo.
ENGLISH: I changed that the multi colored hair was the "Chariot" form and the pink hair of the "Ursula" form, so this drawing is already wrong.

Pequeño redraw que hice de un screenshot del anime "Little Witch Academia" haciendo crossover con My Little Pony, creando "My Little Witch Academia"

NOTA: Así es, decidí que la señorita Ursula fuera Celestia. Tuve que decidir si mientras tenía su apariencia de "Ursula", con Celestia sería su color de cabello de los elementos de la armonía (Arcoiris), mejor le dejé su color de cabello rosa (El normal) para su forma de "Chariot", porque bueno, el rosado es su color de cabello natural.

Little redraw I did from a screenshot of the anime "Little Witch Academia" crossover with My Little Pony, creating "My Little Witch Academia"

NOTE: That's right, I decided that Miss Ursula was Celestia. I had to decide if while I had her appearance of "Ursula", with Celestia would be her hair color of the elements of harmony (Rainbow colors), I better left her pink hair color (Normal) for her "Chariot" shape, because well, pink is her natural hair color.

LWA Screen3 by NamyGaga
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omg why is this perfect

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 here´s twilight Here's Johnny Emote Twilight Sparkle HI, GIRLS. animated icon 
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How did you redraw from a screenshot and how it works to recreate by redraw for my romance fanfic Imperial Chow Family Romance with screencaps? 
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If you are being confused because I was a having a hard time communicate and understanding. I was asking specifically how to redraw pictures from a screenshots?Sweating a little... 
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simple. You take the screenshot. Draw what you need to add or change of the scene in caps on it, and finally you erase what you need to remove from the original screen (this to no redraw the background)
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I love that anime-
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te quedo genial namy :3
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Lol the facial expression is great!
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Excellent crossover :)
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ansio por saber quien sera chariot
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emm, obvio, Celestia :v
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what is bnha? .-.
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My hero academia
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Not even. LIttle Witch Academia came out a year and a half before BnHA even began serialization. 
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buenos crossovers :D
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