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My Little Witch Academia 1

My Little Witch Academia 2 by NamyGaga

Pequeño redraw que hice de un screenshot del anime "Little Witch Academia" haciendo crossover con My Little Pony, creando "My Little Witch Academia"

Little redraw I did from a screenshot of the anime "Little Witch Academia" crossover with My Little Pony, creating "My Little Witch Academia"

LWA Screen1 by NamyGaga
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Diana gives me all the Sunset vibes
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But, nowadays, Amity Blight from the Owl House gives all the Diana vibes.
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You just can't leave anything alone can you.
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This is disturbingly accurate.
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is sunset here like she was in the first eg film or closer to the sunset we all know and love?
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This is a LWA edit? I thought it looked more like she was in the world of Pokemon!
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I've seen arguments that point out that Sunset might be what a theoretical daughter of Amanda and Diana would look like, largely based off of the hair.
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Yo asimilaba LWA con Harry Potter, pero con EquestriaGirls eso ya es otro nivel
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Sunset makes a cute Diana
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No se de que sea pero esta bueno el dibujo
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Ahh buee xd chequeate ese dibujo vercion anime , es hermoso , simplemente tienes que dibunar anime :o
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Y yo sin saber que te gustaba! xD
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Aaaaand now I want a story where Diana is replaced by Sunset and Akko by Twilight... Now that would be interesting...
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And nothing changed because Sunset is best. 
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Sunset just works so well as Diana. ^^
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Dos waifus en una. perfecto. uwu
Abrahamparker's avatar
Me encanto tu eres perfecto .
Mittz-The-Trash-Lord's avatar
I thought the same thing. XD
Next, Twilight as Akko and Fluttershy as Susy.
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seria un gran crossover sobretodo si agregaran también a Twilight, Moondancer, trixie y Starlight :heart:
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