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Kunzite - Spinel + Pink Pearl Fusion (SU Style)

REMAKE: SU AU - Kunzite (Spinel + Pink Pearl Fusion) by NamyGaga MORE:  Kunzite with Weapon - Spinearl Fusion (SU Style) by NamyGaga  Kunzite - Spinel + Pink Pearl Fusion by NamyGaga  .: Kunzite :.  Spinel + Pink Pearl Fusion by NamyGaga

Imagen PNG Vector de Kunzite, la fusión de Spinel y Pink Pearl, al estilo de la serie Steven Universe.

Sobre Kunzite:

Kunzite es la fusión de Spinel y Pink Pearl. Su altura ronda en los 1.80m. Ella es de personalidad traviesa, divertida y propia. A veces suele reaccionar "atravancadamente" y sin pensar ante las situaciones.

Para su diseño, ya que Spinel es un tipo de gema de entretenimiento para las demás gemas, y las Perlas son gemas formales que sirven de sirvientas a sus gemas dueñas, la fusión de ambas sería un tipo de gema anfitrión de shows, elegante y gracioso.
Kunsite tiene 4 ojos, los 2 de abajo son propios de Spinel y los 2 de arriba son de Pink Pearl, donde su ojo izquierdo es ciego. Kunzite tiene un par normal de brazos (propios de Pink Pearl) y una mano extra con dos pulgares salida de la parte baja de su espalda, dotada de la flexibilidad de Spinel (esta es la única parte elástica de Kunzite) Este brazo extra, asemeja a una cola.
Los colores utilizados para su diseño, fueron una combinación de los colores de Spinel y de Pink Pearl, al igual que la ropa de ambas.

  • La Kunzite es una piedra rosa que tiene alto contenido de litio, que ha sido usado extensivamente en la medicina para trastornos psiquiátricos.
  • Se trata de un mineral calmante que puede ayudar a ajustarte a las presiones de la vida moderna.
  • Esta gema se especializa en disminuir la depresión y el estrés.
  • Sus principales energías son el amor y la amistad.

Vector PNG image of Kunzite, the fusion of Spinel and Pink Pearl, in the style of the Steven Universe series.

Kunzite is the fusion of Spinel and Pink Pearl. Her height is around 1.80m. She is naughty, funny and own personality. Sometimes she usually reacts without thinking about situations.

For her design, since Spinel is a type of entertainment gem for the other gems, and the Pearls are formal gems that serve as servants to their owner gems, the fusion of both would be a kind of show host gem, elegant and funny .
Kunsite has 4 eyes, the 2 below are from Spinel and the 2 above are from Pink Pearl, where her left eye is blind. Kunzite has a normal pair of arms (by Pink Pearl's part) and an extra hand with two thumbs coming out of the lower part of her back, equipped with the flexibility of Spinel (this is the only elastic part of Kunzite) This extra arm, resembles to a tail.
The colors used for its design, were a combination of the colors of Spinel and Pink Pearl, as were the clothes of both.

  • Kunzite is a pink stone that is high in lithium, which has been used extensively in medicine for psychiatric disorders.
  • It is a soothing mineral that can help you adjust to the pressures of modern life.
  • This gem specializes in reducing depression and stress.
  • Its main energies are love and friendship.
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this is a very creative fusion

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I'm not surprised you liked Spinel from how much you love Circus Baby! Still I love this fusion design! Great work!

Brydav's avatar

If this fusion were to have a voice actor, who would it be and why? I think it should be someone with a soft child like voice, but at the same time should speak in a slit New Yorker accent that speaks in old cartoony slang.

Brydav's avatar

I think a good voice actor for her would be Kari Wahlgren.

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RedTheDeadGoat's avatar
Beautiful very beautiful
kizathefujoshi's avatar
X un pomento pense que era oficial :,v
cristianelerizo555's avatar

me imagino que esto tambien implica un poco de reto, ya que no existe una apariencia oficial para una Kunzite, que hallas logrado esto es increible

atram95's avatar
Is Fantastic!!
yogelis's avatar
JousimusPrime's avatar
Wow, she looks fantastic.😃👏
TheMetonicLover's avatar
Esta es una de las pocas fusiones fanmade que si son buenas y no sólo la combinación de ropa y ya,muy buen diseño
Muy buen dibujo uwu
BlossomDrawITA's avatar
this two are so precious!
Averyhotdog's avatar

i like the fusion is so right

u can see pink pearl broken eye and the too too in the fusion

and spinel cartoon like powers, plus the black tears on there cheeks

and way u add the hand tail is nice

adrianitaorozquito's avatar
Quien es 😑😑😑
amandatheedgelord's avatar
zuckerbotwashere's avatar
i drew pink retrocartoonstyle grl frm stephnunvres by zuckerbotwashere
I'm coveting her hair!
utytft's avatar
Her weapon should be an axe
ErgotthVonHohenheim's avatar
Well, with the exception of our pearl, pearls are NOT supposed to fight and therefore, own weapons. Plus Spinel's scythe wasn't really her weapon, just a miscelaneous.
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