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FNAFNG_WI - Healthy Brenda

MORE WHAT IF:  FNAFNG_WI - Brenda's return by NamyGaga

Aquí les dejo un "Y qué tal si" de Brenda en mi AU.

Básicamente la pregunta es, ¿Y qué tal si los acontecimientos de SL no hubieran pasado, ningún asesinato hubiera ocurrido y Brenda hubiera crecido sin heridas tanto físicas como emocionales?

Pues yo creo que si así hubiera pasado, Brenda hubiese crecido sana física y emocionalmente. Aquí podemos ver a Brenda adulta (42 años) evidentemente sana, sin cicatrices y con ambos ojos, hablando físicamente pues, psicológicamente estaría realmente sana, sin trastornos ni depresiones, lo que la hizo crecer y madurar, algo que se nota en su mirada e incluso en la moda de su ropa, que ya no es tan infantil.

PD: El peinado de 2 coletas, aunque es muy infantil, es un rasgo de su diseño casual que ya no le puedo cambiar incluso en cambio de edad, pues es descriptivo de Brenda como personaje.

Here I leave a "What if" Brenda in my AU.

Basically the question is, What if the events of SL hadn't happened, no murders had occurred and Brenda had grown up without physical or emotional injuries?

Well, I think that if that had happened, Brenda would have grown physically and emotionally healthy. Here we can see adult Brenda (42 years) evidently healthy, without scars and with both eyes, physically speaking because, psychologically she would be really healthy, without disorders or depressions, which made her grown up with mature, something that shows in her eyes even in the fashion of her clothes, which is no longer so childish.

PS: The hairstyle of 2 pigtails, although very childish, is a feature of her casual design that I can no longer change even in change of age, it is descriptive of Brenda as a character.


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I wonder how would be the love interest if she was like this without any scars or anything
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Even as an adult the pigtails fit her perfectly

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To be honest I can tell the difference between the two, while canon Brenda's eye is devoided of emotions and tired, healthy Brenda's eyes are warm and almost motherly in a sense. Healthy Brenda seems more calm and happy with her life while Canon Brenda holds a sense of confliction in herself and seems relatively cold to hide the fear the flashes in her remaining eye when it comes to what had happened to her. It honestly breaks my heart knowing that Brenda could've finally had a happy life for the rest of her years and had a loving family and all that was taken away from her without any remorse and was left with life long scarring and trauma that left her broken for the majority of her teen years until she eventually learned how to tuck it away into the deepest corner of her mind. Brenda you deserved so much better.

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Awww she looks so happy☺️
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The look in her eyes and her expression is so serene and I had the brilliant idea to compare the two versions of her and now I'm so sad-

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i absolutely LOVE your fnaf art style, it perfectly captures what i'd imagine they would look like

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oh my god her other eye is back:)

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FreeAndroid5319 stole your image.
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Not really, my drawings are public to use as a user image.
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Ah, didn't know that
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Might I add, collectorguy2003, yeas, they did.. They also tried to offer me a cellphone by sending them information...They are extremly suspicious considering they just joined deviantart today..Everybody out there, Spread the word!!!
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your picture has been  s e i z e d
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Your picture was stolen by FreeIphone64128.
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Before Circus Baby
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Me surgió una duda si lo de sl no hubiera pasado (según tengo entendido) brenda sería pareja de Mary ¿me equivoco?

De hecho sacaron a relucir ese tema en el directo de hace dos meses,con un poco de humor y seriedad a la vez c;.

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Yup, sería lo más seguro.
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She looks beautiful ♡
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Yay Brenda esta alegre :D
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Menudo dibujo. Es mi cumpleaños y ahora veo esto. Sos una gran artista.
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que hermosa se ve
pasaraon lo hechos
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