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Raining bubbles

A little watercolour painting from a while back. Wanted to test out my new masking fluid and gel pen. Basically the killer whale practice piece for the three killer whale practice pieces lol. Original is available - shoot me a message if you’re interested.
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The painting came home safe and sound! Getting a frame for it today while I'm out. Thank you so much, It's really so pretty in person qwq
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Ohh that's great to hear, and pretty quick too! Awesome it arrived all safe and sound. I hope you'll enjoy it lots ;w;
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I will, I will! I made sure to get a frame for it yesterday, too~
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so beautiful Heart 
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Hah, totally brought back memories of my childhood, when I used to draw killer whales. Maybe because of that "Free Willy" movie or maybe because their coloring seemed so easy to replicate and it looked bold.
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Haha glad to know it brought you back a bit. I used to draw 'killer whales' (or what had to pass for them lol) when I was little too. You're probably right, black and white is easy to draw and grasp when you're little. Same with other dolphins who were conveniently plain grey :p
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This looks amazing! Really love how spot on it is to a real killer whale :D
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Thank you! I like how this one turned out too :D Inspired by some Japanese killer whales, they're very pretty.
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looks yum, nice work!
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Amazing work here, the killer whale looks absolutely spot on, love the underwater colours too. :thumbsup:
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Thank you very much! I'm pretty happy with the colours too, though it's hard to really get dark colours with watercolour paint :D
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