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I'm Frédérique Lucas, though many will know me as Namu. I like whales. And steam engines, too! Which may come as a surprise to some people (including me, at first). Mostly I paint and draw, but sometimes I write stories too, and from time to time I pretend to be a photographer. It’s perhaps an odd marriage, wildlife and steam engines, but both have a firm place in my heart and thus my art and neither will be leaving any time soon.

• How about commissions?

Always open! Contact me if you’re interested.

• May I use your painting for my website/blog/avatar/dankest new YouTube video/??

If you want to use my art for anything, or post it anywhere, please contact me first! My art is not stock that can be used for free, and since art is my job, it can hurt my income directly when art is stolen or even sold without proper credits. So just shoot me a message, and most of the time I'll say yes.

Contact: email me at or send a note here!




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Your work is so amazing I can't believe you're not ten times more popular and recognized. Your anatomy images have been some of the best resources I've ever seen. I've learned so much, please keep up the amazing work, you are incredible!!!!!

Also holy cow your work is so good!! Not the subject matter I'm usually interested in but the rendering is sooo soft and beautiful. Captivating gallery you have ♥

Oh thank you so much that is so kind ;w; I'm honestly so happy with all comments I get. Creating art for yourself is fun but being able to share it and talk about it with others makes it even better. So glad to hear you find my scientific illustrations helpful and interesting!!

Hello, Frédérique Lucas, Kristofer Bland De Hval/Christopher Bland The Whale is here.

I have got great news about new giant whales species found in Peru from last night or yesterday.

Introducing is Perucetus colossus is named published by Bianucci etal. in 2023.

Perucetus colossus

Thank you so much for the watch, and omg i loveeeeeee your whale and dolphin paintings!!! Keep it up!

You're very welcome! I like the vibe of your paintings, especially the city lights series. Looking forward to seeing what you make next! And thank you, I'm glad you like my work too ♥

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Thank you so much, and also my pleasure, i love your orca ones especially!!