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Girl with scarf

lineart parctice

Free Lineart by LumiResources

This lineart is free to color, feel free to download and color it, but ...

... please don't claim it as your own 

... please don't slightly change  the lineart itself without permission and don't make bases out of the lineart

... please give proper credit and link back to this picture. At least add my username "Namtia" or link to my profile or to the lineart itself in the artist's comment (here is is little help: :*iconnamtia*: or :*devnamtia*:just without *)

...please  only personal use. No commercial use is allowed.

Colored versions:



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Hey, I gave it a try: Girl with scarf by Namtia [Colored] by Flyhunter =D
Namtia's avatar
Thank you for coloring!
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It's probably just because of the earrings, but she reminds me of Yano Ayane from Kimi ni Todoke.
Namtia's avatar
No you mention.... :D Yano-chi is one of my fav manga charachter
S---y's avatar
I haven't read the manga yet, only watched the anime, but it is very next on my list to read.
Namtia's avatar
Actually the anime is really close to the manga (at least the parts I saw). The manga is still ongiong, but I think it will end this year based on the story.
S---y's avatar
I didn't know it was still ongoing. I saw about 25 volumes in my library's catalogue.
Namtia's avatar
Yes, it is still ongoing. But I think 25 volume covers most of the story. The last chapters were very-very-very slow.
S---y's avatar
Ah, that's too bad it's slow at the end. I checked out the first ten and am on Volume 6. It seems that the anime was pretty consistent with the manga so far.
Klawddie's avatar
Hello, this one is really pretty, I colored it :)

Girl With Scarf [Original lineart by Namtia] by Kat0che  
Namtia's avatar
Thank you for coloring :)
Blackmoonrose13's avatar
I took a stab coloring this again
Namtia's avatar
Thank you for coloring, again ;)
Blackmoonrose13's avatar
yea just redoing it
Namtia's avatar
Thanks for coloring :D
Namtia's avatar
Thanks for coloring :hug:
RainStormDragon's avatar
Thanks for letting me!
Th3WorldOnFir3's avatar
Do you still have the file? If I could color on a layer behind the lines it could be cleaner.
Namtia's avatar
I am sorry, but this drawing is made tradiotionally and I did not cleaned the line, nor have it on a seperate layer, but it can be done is ps easily: If you wish to clean the line there some interesting tutorials [link] or `vest has viedo on flatting.
Th3WorldOnFir3's avatar
Oh, I'm sorry. I'll see if I can't clean that up.

However, could you explain to me how it is traditional and not digital? It was drawn completely in PSE6.
Namtia's avatar
Do you mean the picture or do you mean the tutorial?
The picture was done with simple ballpoint pen and cleaned a bit in photoshop.
Tutorial: Sorry I mixed up the tutorials , it was just an example, but there are several tutorials on DA if you look for 'lineart', or 'clean lineart' [link] [link] [link] [link] But I am no expert since, I am mainly working wiht traditional mediums and I am not working with photoshop on a regular basis.
Th3WorldOnFir3's avatar

Yikes, I'm sorry XD For some reason I thought I was replying to a comment on a submission process for one of my deviations! I am SO sorry. Wow, that really threw me off. Em, I'll check out the tut and see what I can do.
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