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Nami, the third member of Straw hat pirate, is here~!
As she now can control weather easily, I want to draw her with thunderbolt surrounding her, that would make her look tougher and a lot more BA! Besides, in my imagination, she must be a beautiful girl like a top beautiful model (with big boobs)@0@ if she is in real life.
Making this piece took me quite long because I didn't satisfy with her face, I was too harsh to myself... And it is also the first time to draw sexy girl (big boobs) @0@, I will draw more hot girls at the future, it was fun~

*Used only Photoshop CC

If you guys like it and want the exclusive stuff of this painting, please join me and support me on Patreon to get the reward.
Reward to Patron:
*Initial Sketch
*High Res
*HD Wallpapers set
*Psd file
(All Reward will be sent at the beginning of the next month.)

*Revised it a bit, I added more detail, light and reflection to make Nami pop out more. I think it look a lot better than the last one.

Luffy Monkey D Luffy by Namkoart Zoro Roronoa Zoro by Namkoart Usopp Usopp by Namkoart
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Beautyfull and sexy

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Would love to see how you make Robin
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best piece yet!
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Its beutiful as hell ❤❤❤❤❤
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This is INSANE! wow !
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Absolutely spellbinding.
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This is amazing! Your attention to detail is really fantastic. Great work!
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wow im amazed this is really great and so realistic
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Omg beautiful! *-*
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It's realism is scary!Mother of god Better than cosplay! Blanklethrust
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Holy crap this is amazing!
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I don't suppose you could get rid of the watermark?
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Sorry, that is the $1 reward of my Patreon page ^_^
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that looks so nice and epic~~ *0*
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Absolutely Beautiful. Waiting for more goodness from you U_U xd
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too cool to be true
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