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🌾Whindine Overview, (2021)🌾

🌿A Kirby Fanspecies Written By NamiNeri🌿


🐺Species Overview

🐺General Behaviors

🐺Powers and Walking

🐺Habits and general locations


🐺Examples of Whindine



🐺Species Overview🐺

Whindine are a curious race of D’nno like people with wolf ears and tails, sometimes even wings, that are able to take the form of winged wolves. Supposedly created by the same Goddess who created the Batamon Puffs, Whindine are the more peaceful, medic-like, and spiritual species to the Batamon’s warmongering ways.

However that isn’t to say that Whindine are incapable of being warriors like their Puff cousins.

They are the People of the Sky, and oversee the germination of medicinal plants and herbs to the world below their sky colonies, and overseers of the weather.

Their mode of transformation is unique, as they are able to leave their D’nno bodies behind and spiritually take on the forms of winged wolves through a process called “Walking.”

In this doc, I will be going over the basics for Whindine as well as their powers and abilities.

🐺General Behaviors 🐺

Whindine are much more peaceful than their Batamon cousins. Despite being more beastly and intune with their natural instincts, Whindine are typically not an aggressive sort. Of course this can vary from individual to individual, and you can have a Whindine that is as aggressive and quick to pick a fight, just as you can have a sweet and quiet Batamon, it just all depends on the person!

But as a whole Whindine on average choose to avoid fighting if they can. While they are typically easy going and very calm woe betide you if you ever do get one into a fight. Batamon are prided on their strength, but a Whindine’s true strength lies in their magic and their beastly skill. Whindine are made up of Nature Magic, as such this is what allows them to harness the abilities associated with Nature. However they do still produce waste. Unlike most beings where waste is just that, a Whindine’s waste is...actually quite useful.

Leftover magic hardens and crystallizes into true gemstones, filled to the brim with the element associated with the Whindine, so yes, basically Whdinines can poop money.

A very...odd yet strange feature of theirs’ but hey if you are friends with one at least you won’t go broke right?

They also are extremely curious, especially about new plants and flowers. Whindine are always found in areas that have lots of greenery and vegetation! They also love getting flowers as gifts.

The more impressive your garden the happier your Whindine friend will be.

🐺Powers and Walking🐺

As stated in the overview, Whindine are the caretakers of the weather as well as seeing to the germination of plants and herbs that can cure disease and sickness.

Their weather abilities are where their magic comes in most useful. Whindine can only have four abilities throughout the entire species, and unlike their Batamon cousins, Whindine can only have one ability out of the four possible ones.

There can be no dual ability Whindine.

As for the abilities a Whidnine can be born with, these are the four:





Whindine will bear a mark on somewhere on their body that dictates what ability they will have. These are the marks (pictured below):

Whindine Elemental Crests

(Art credits: 12AM_Cyrptid)

These marks can appear as early as when a Whindine first begins to Walk in their Wolf Forms, and that leads me to the next part of their abilities.

Walking: their curious transformation process.

Walking refers to what happens when a Whindine chooses to go into their wolf form. When a Whindine falls asleep they can choose to leave their D’nno forms behind and their spirit takes on the form of a winged wolf!

In these forms they are much faster, can fly freely (if their D’nno form lacks wings), and be in tune with all that lovely nature that they love to take care of.

Some Whindine’s wolf breath is said to be able to revive dead plants...

A curious and wonderful process but it does come with its weaknesses:

Depending on age, a Whindine cannot be away from their D’nno body for too long, prolonged time away from their bodies can seriously hurt them in the long run.

This also leaves their vacant D’nno forms vulnerable to attack if they aren't paying too much attention to their other body. Though thankfully there is a bit of a saving grace to this. If their D’nno Body is disturbed by something, then their Wolf transformation is undone and they are pulled back into their D’nno bodies. Thus they can quickly get away from an oncoming attack

A Whindine wanting to Walk must think of a safe and easily reachable place to leave behind their D’nno forms, so that is something else to consider. But most are clever with their hiding places anyways. Some prefer caves, others prefer to leave their bodies at home for nighttime forays.

Whindine Cubs cannot perform Walking until the first full moon after their 4th birthday. And Whindine Children can only be away from their original D’nno Bodies for upwards to three hours on average.

The average time for an Adult Whindine to Walk from their bodies can be upwards to a month and ancient class Whindine who have seen many moons rise and set can be away from their bodies however long they’d like.

🐺Habitats and General Locations🐺

Whindine usually prefer to live above the surface world. They are highly skilled at using their magic to create floating cities that often travel around in set paths for each of the seasons. You could say that they migrate like birds, following wherever the wind may lead them so that they may scatter the seeds that they have harvested and cared for in their cities to the world below.

A lot of Whindine colonies are often overgrown with greenery, so it would not be wrong to call them garden cities.

But what about Whindine who may not live on fancy, technological floating islands that are more aesthetically pleasing than Twilight Princess’ City in the Sky? Where do they live?

Well there are cases of Whindine colonies that have made their life upon the surface world. They are rare, but can usually be found in places where the wind blows free and of course lots and lots of greenery and vegetation! You can tell when you found a Whindine colony on the ground if it half looks like a Hobbit’s hole. But you can also find them near breezy capes that face the ocean where they can be as close to the sky as the earth will allow them to be.


While they are peace loving, gentle tenders of gardens and flowers, Whindine are still very much hardcore carnivores due to being part werewolf. Most of the time they will primarily use their Walking Abilities for hunting and prefer most of their meals raw but that isn’t to say a Whindine will ever turn you down for a juicy cooked steak.

Sometimes they will even dine on fruits and berries or even insects too if there is no suitable prey to be found. And no, they would never think of eating people. If you posed that question to one I’m sure they’d be very offended.

🐺Examples of Whindine🐺

Here are some examples of the Whindine Race

(All character art and images are credited to their original artists and owners)

Rhuhara (single)

Rhuhara, Owned by NamiNeri, designer Fayelenfyre

Rudy Wolf Form


Owned by NamiNeri, designer 12AM_Cryptid (D’nno) and Fayelenefyre (Wolf form)


Here are some FAQs I think I may get about the species

Q: Can a Whindine breed with a Batamon?

A: No, because they have very different breeding habits. I haven’t listed it here but Whindine pretty much breed like we humans do and Batamon breed via eggs. So no crossbreeding of the races.

Q: If they Walk when they fall asleep, how do they sleep normally?

A: Whindine can freely choose whether they’d like to walk when they are asleep in their D’nno forms. So if they don’t feel like walking they can just sleep normally!

Q: Can a Whindine accidentally Sleep-Walk?

A: Uh, probably not? Since they Walk in their Wolf forms when their D’nno body is asleep and it’s always a conscious decision unless it was a very young Whindine still learning to control the power.

Q: What is it like for a Whindine to Walk while their D’nno Body is asleep?

A: I’d assume something similar to a very, vivid, lucid dream. Since they are awake in their Wolf Forms but their D’nno forms are asleep. It’s kind of like that sensation when you know you are asleep but you are also awake.

If you have any more questions please feel free to ask me! I don’t bite at all.

🐺Closing and Disclaimer🐺

First let me thank you for taking the time to read through my revamped Species doc. I know it isn’t as detailed as the first one but hopefully it makes the species a lot more fun to work with! I’ve been trying to make them more concise and easy to understand ;v;7

If you have any sort of questions, and concerns please feel free to contact me about adopting or creating one for yourself! I would love to see what you come up with!

And now for the disclaimer:

All things Kirby belong to Nintendo and Hal Labs inc.

Whindine belong to me

All art shown belong to their respective owners.


As I continue to work on this doc somethings are subject to change so please be aware of this going forward if you intend to use my concept. I will always be available if you have any questions or concerns.

Once more thank you so much for taking the time to read my species doc and I hope you have a blessed day/night.

EDIT: 9/11/2021-Added a feature back to the Whindine, and fixed a few mistakes in the doc. 

After some time spending revamping my species I am finally able to share the new doc with you!! 

Whindine are indeed an open species so just feel free to ask if you'd like to make one <3

I'll still do the disclaimer anyways. 
Whidnine belong to me

All art mentioned and shown belong to the following 12AM-CRYPTID for the crests and Rudy's D'nno design
FayeleneFyre for Rhuhara's D'nno design and Rudy's Wolf form design

All things Kirby belong to HAL inc and Nintendo 
© 2021 NamiNeri
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