Artober Day 6- Flight

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Wind caressed gently through the Great White Dragoness’ fur as she stood on the edge of a cliff that overlooked the ocean, not too far away from her liar in the grand castle. Waves lapped against the wet rocks of the shore, singing a soft lullaby that sang in tune with the nightly wind. The sky above the grand dragon’s head was filled to the brim with stars in a myriad of colors and shades. The Heavenly River streaking across the sky shining the most brilliantly of all.

All was quiet and peaceful, the world had gone to sleep, and Avalon found herself alone to stargaze on the edge of the rocky cliff. The balmy air of the night was inviting, and cool, ruffling her creamy tipped feathers as if the breeze was tempting the dragon to join it for a nightly walk amongst the stars.

She tilted her head to the side, listening and watching over the sea, which reflected the galactic ocean above almost like a perfect mirror. Her burning golden eyes watching the sea and sky matching perfectly with each other, how would it look from above she wondered to herself. Yet as the great snowy covered dragon had sat, musing to herself at the way the starlight reflected onto the ocean waves, a new presence had shown itself. Soft and delicate, warm and lithe. Young and brash...the scent of the boy that belonged to her brother.

Rustling could be heard in the nearby bush, as Alavon merely smiled gently as something round and small coming to join her by her flank.

“Prince Antonio….isn’t it past your bedtime?” The Dragon had grinned, not turning to look down at the youngling Puff that had obviously snuck out of the castle. Instead what she got was an annoyed huff.

“I could not sleep.” he grumbled in an annoyed manner. His voice was tinged with a Spanish accent though it was young and spry. Avalon merely chuckled and turned to look down at the boy. A Batamon Puffball about the age of 10, with deep midnight blue fur and purple bat wings that were folded tightly against his scruffy little back. Deep amber eyes glowed brightly in the dark like two little stars of their own, and a pout was upon his youthful face. “Besides that, Brother is being whiny again, and would not stop fussing.”

“So you left him alone in your bedchambers?” Avalon queried with mock incredulousness.

“No!” The young Antonio growled with an offended look on his face that surely made the white Dragoness smile even wider. With another huffy sigh, he said, “I took him to Madre and Padre’s room to sleep. I was on my way back when I saw you leaving and I wanted to see where you were going…”

Avalon had merely chuckled and bent down to nuzzle her large snout against his cheek. “For shame, Your Highness. You know your brother dislikes being separated from you. Besides that...he is tender. Be patient with him, for one day you will find that you will need him the most.”

“Meh…” Antonio grumbled and crossed his arms as the grand dragon merely nuzzled her great furred cheek against his own. “But what are you doing out here? Is it not late?”

Avalon pulled her head away from him and eyed him for a moment. “Now, ask a Dragon what she is doing is very rude. For a Dragon’s business is no one’s but her own. Not even your father as King can question my motives.”

“Oh…” Antonio looked a bit stricken, but let out a gasp when Avalon had given him a small lick on the cheek.

“Lighten up, my little one.” She chuckled softly. “It is just a lesson for you to learn now in case you meet other Dragons. Not all of them are as cordial and soft spoken as myself…” With that she returned her gaze to the sky. “As for your question...I was thinking about going on a nighttime flight before I had to check everyone’s Dreams tonight. The wind is very pleasant and warm.”

At the mention of the word ‘flight’, Antonio’s little face had lit up with excitement. “Really?! The sky is pretty tonight…” he gazed up at the heavens with her, his wings becoming unfurled as he did so. “I wonder...what it’s like to fly at night. I’ve never done so, Padre says it is too dangerous to go alone and Madre says I am not old enough…” His excitement faded a little upon remembering the words of his parents.

“And so they are right, the nighttime sky is beautiful but also full of dangers.” Avalon chuffed as she stood up and prepped to open her massive wings. The small boy looked disappointed and deflated a bit; his own wings drooped on the dew-covered grass behind him. “However…” Avalon began with a sly grin that Antonio knew all too well. “Santiago and Seraphina cannot deny a dragon her wishes, and if this dragon so wishes it…” A moment later Avalon had laid on the ground, staring right at him with a grin that would make the Cheshire cat jealous.

The boy’s eyes lit up once more upon realizing her meaning. Quickly the small puff had rushed over to the Dragon. He flapped open his wings, using them to help get onto her back which was covered by the softest portions of her fur. Though he didn’t stop there, instead Antonio had climbed onto the top of Avalon’s head, right where her mane was the most hairlike.

Once she felt that he was on, the grand Dragon proceeded to stand to her fullest height and unfurled her large and impressive wings. “Ready, little hatchling?”

“Yes, Great Guardian!!” he grinned holding onto her mane. Once she felt that tiny grip...Avalon had hurled herself off of the cliff!! Letting the air take her form, wind whistling through their ears and fur.

Just when it had seemed that Avalon was going to hit the water, the grand Dragoness flapped her wings down! With a mighty gust she pulled cleanly away from the waves, allowing the spray of the briny waves just kiss her clawed paws before lifting away from the sea all together! Higher and higher she climbed with Antonio in tow, like a great glowing star herself, rising to join the heavens.

Antonio’s eyes were wide, brightly sparkling and heart racing as Avalon flew with speed and grace that no bird of Whindine could hope to match. With her fur glowing in an ethereal light, the Dragon had flown, following the coastline and waves. The nighttime wind whistled, Antonio could taste the tangy salt of the sea air, and down below it was like everything was so small and insignificant. He couldn’t help but let out a happy growly purr, one that Avalon happily returned in kind. From their perch in the sky it felt like...the world was so much smaller than it seemed than on the ground, and that….was brand new feeling.

Avalon flew, her wings flapping rhythmically, her fur soft and warm like a blanket. Antonio felt his eyes growing very heavy as the Guardian of Dreams had continued her path flying over the ocean...With a yawn he hunkered down and snuggled into her fur with a soft sigh. Before he had known it he was fast asleep.

Antonio and Avalon sketch

Avalon peeked up at him, hearing his soft snores just barely audible over the wind. With a smile, she turned and flew back to the castle, a soft hum sounding in her chest that vaguely sounded like the lullaby that was sung to young Antonio and his brother to sleep. Landing down softly in the courtyard, as silent as a ghost she had alighted. Finding her usual patch in her garden, the Dragon laid down and curled up with the boy still on her head, the soft murmurs to be heard. With a sigh she smiled. “Sweet dreams, my young prince...I shall watch over you in your own starry skies.”

And with that, Avalon had curled up...and began to doze off herself as 3 stars above in the Heavenly river shone brightly, remembering their midnight flight.

Artober Day 6, Flight.

Been a while since I posted a story huh? I decided to partake in FayeleneFyre and BlazingStarO's Artober event! And today's prompt was flight! Featuring my Dragon Avalon and a young Meta Knight!

The art for this story was provided by FayeleneFyre <3 I love it to bits and I'll be posting a separate colored version soon!

I hope you all enjoy!

You can find a link to Artober here:…

Avalon belongs to me
Meta Knight and all things Kirby belong to Nintendo and HAL inc
The "brother" belongs to BlazingStarO 
© 2020 - 2021 NamiNeri
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The way you wrote this is beautiful!
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qwq thank you so much!!! Seriously this means a lot to me!! I'm happy you enjoyed it <3

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You are welcome, my friend!!
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Stay tuned for the colored version of the art piece! I'm almost finished <3