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my little toys. by Namine-Kitten my little toys. :iconnamine-kitten:Namine-Kitten 1 0 Septiceye Sam and Tinny Box Tom by Namine-Kitten Septiceye Sam and Tinny Box Tom :iconnamine-kitten:Namine-Kitten 3 11 My Little Pony Mashems Squishyies by Namine-Kitten My Little Pony Mashems Squishyies :iconnamine-kitten:Namine-Kitten 2 2 Random Demon Drawing. by Namine-Kitten Random Demon Drawing. :iconnamine-kitten:Namine-Kitten 5 0 My RoBlox. by Namine-Kitten My RoBlox. :iconnamine-kitten:Namine-Kitten 2 0 The back of the cup by Namine-Kitten The back of the cup :iconnamine-kitten:Namine-Kitten 1 0 My new RWBY Grim Glass Cup. by Namine-Kitten My new RWBY Grim Glass Cup. :iconnamine-kitten:Namine-Kitten 2 0 My Collecten of Lost Kitten toys and Roblox too. by Namine-Kitten My Collecten of Lost Kitten toys and Roblox too. :iconnamine-kitten:Namine-Kitten 2 6 My birthday cake. by Namine-Kitten My birthday cake. :iconnamine-kitten:Namine-Kitten 3 6 BENDY and the INK Machine plush. by Namine-Kitten BENDY and the INK Machine plush. :iconnamine-kitten:Namine-Kitten 5 3 Play Ground at Ocean City MD. by Namine-Kitten Play Ground at Ocean City MD. :iconnamine-kitten:Namine-Kitten 3 2 My Hospital room by Namine-Kitten My Hospital room :iconnamine-kitten:Namine-Kitten 1 3 My old art work. by Namine-Kitten My old art work. :iconnamine-kitten:Namine-Kitten 7 4 My New RWBY Book by Namine-Kitten My New RWBY Book :iconnamine-kitten:Namine-Kitten 1 0 Are New Kitten Ivy. by Namine-Kitten Are New Kitten Ivy. :iconnamine-kitten:Namine-Kitten 8 19 Untitled by Namine-Kitten Untitled :iconnamine-kitten:Namine-Kitten 4 9


Forget Me Not|Antisepticeye x Reader
"..but yeah Bendy and the Ink Machine is pretty spooky."
"It is! What do ye like about it, [y/n]?"
It was just a normal day on the weekend, where you and Sean would chat about random things on Skype. Sometimes it was simple questions like "How was your day?", and other times it was questions that caused both of you to have an existential crisis.
Either way, though, it was all in good fun.
You smiled. "Oh, I just like the old Disney animation vibe it gives off. It makes it even creepier considering tha-" But you paused when you noticed that Sean wasn't looking at you, but was staring off into space with a blank expression.
"Wha.." The Irishman blinked once before looking back at you. Though as he did, his screen began to glitch out. In one frame you saw Sean staring at you menacingly with beady black eyes and another where he was twitching and pulling at his hair. You've been seeing those glitches more frequently in his videos, but this is the first time you've seen them out
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 268 52
Because I Care|Sick!Antisepticeye x Reader
You opened the door a crack, peering in to see whether Anti was awake or not. But since he was laying down in the bed, you couldn't really tell from where you were standing.
"Anti..?" You called out softly, knocking on the door lightly.
No response.
Letting out a 'hmph', noise, you invited yourself inside the room. You were carrying nothing more than a small bottle of cherry medicine and a metal spoon, since it's been a couple of hours since he took said medicine.
Earlier today, Anti somehow developed a terrible fever and a sore throat. He insisted he was fine, but after seeing that he was too weak to even get out of bed, Henrik ordered him to rest the whole day. Unfortunately the doctor had to work, and everyone else was out doing their own thing, so you were left in charge of the demon...not that you were complaining or anything.
At least Henrik was generous enough to leave you a spare surgical mask so you didn't catch Anti's illness while you were taking care of him.
Sighing, you se
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 249 67
Strange Dreams|Septic Egos x Reader
"Sean? Are you sure they'll be alright by themselves?" You asked the Irishman in a low whisper.
"I promise ya, they'll be fine," Sean reassured you, "I left a note so they don't freak out when they wake up. But if we're quick we should be back before then."
While you nodded your head in understanding, you couldn't help but worry a bit as you glanced back to see Robbie lying on the couch, softly snoring. Unfortunately he was the only ego to not have his own room, though he didn't seem to mind much.
"C'mon, let's go, [y/n]."
Turning back around, you sighed and followed Sean out of the house, shutting the door behind you both silently.
~A Few Hours Later~
Robbie woke up with a hoarse scream, his white eyes wide and terrified. He had a rather..disturbing nightmare that almost seemed real, even though he didn't think the undead could even have dreams.
Perhaps he was wrong.
In his panicked state, the zombie accidentally rolled off the sofa and hit the floor with a thud. Wi
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 218 44
Skinny Love|Antisepticeye x Reader
Warning: Minor T.W for self-harm. If this subject makes you uncomfortable you are NOT obligated to read this by any means.
Come on skinny love
Just last the year
It had come to a point in your relationship with Anti didn't feel like the love was there anymore.
Considering that nowadays, all he did was take his anger out on you.
No, he never physically attacked you, but he always vented to you about how the whole world seemed to be turning against him. And while you were there to comfort him and reassure him that was not the case, it wasn't often that he'd twist your words around and accuse you of not taking his side anytime you tried to point out a flaw in his argument.
It made you wonder why you even bothered trying anymore.
Yet here you were two months later, still together but unhappy.
Or, at least that's how you felt. But Anti, on the other hand, seemed to be desperate in t
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 94 52
A Catastrophe|Cat!Antisepticeye x Reader
Of all the things you expected to hear that afternoon, an Irish magician's screams for help was certainly not one of them.
Your eyes widened in alarm, but as you got up from your desk to go investigate, you picked up the sound of running footsteps.
Before you knew it, the door swung open and in ran Marvin. You watched in stunned silence as he quickly turned around and slammed the door shut, bracing his palms against it and dropping his head, huffing and puffing.
"M-Marvin? Are you..." However, you trailed off once you got a closer look at the magician, your eyes widening with shock. The bottom of his cape was absolutely shredded, and on his arms there were scratches and what appeared to be bite marks in his skin.
"Holy shit, Marv...what happened to you?"
"I-I can explain...." Marvin turned back around to face you. Now you could see that his mask was slightly askew, revealing a deep scratch mark on his cheek.  "I um...a-accidentally turned Anti into something
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 230 63
Five Little Septic Eyes|Toddler!Egos x Reader
"You gotta be fucking kidding me..."
You walked out of your room, exhausted after having difficulties editing your last video for the day and getting it uploaded to your YouTube channel. Now you wanted nothing more than to relax with the others and watch some Netflix.
But as soon as you entered the living room, you came across not one, but five toddler-sized egos.
As if dealing with one wasn't enough...
Upon hearing you sigh, all of the egos stopped what they were doing and looked your way.
Chase was sitting on the sofa, showing Anti what appeared to be some fidget spinner. Jackieboy Man was on top of the furniture, looking down at the toy with wide, fixated eyes. And, finally, Henrik was sitting in a separate chair, looking rather grouchy about the situation at hand and curled up in his lab coat. Though when he saw you his expression softened a bit.
"A-Ah...gutentag, [y/n]."
"Henrik...what the hell happened?"
"" He trailed off, rubbing the back of his neck.
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 223 47
Trick-Or-Treating|Antisepticeye x Reader
"This is dumb..."
"What's dumb?"
"This whole...concept of "Trick-or Treatin'". So we just go to a random person's house and expect them to give us candy?"

"Only if their lights are on or if they have a bunch of Halloween that one over there!"
A grin appeared on your face as you pointed to a house down the street. The yard was practically strewn with decorations and props that made it look like a graveyard. Not to mention you could see purple fog and faintly hear spooky sounds coming from that same place.
"That looks like a good place to start. Let's go." You began to walk, but you then stopped and glanced back to see that Anti was not moving. He looked rather hesitant, and you understood why.
It was your idea to take the demon out Trick-Or-Treating this Halloween. There was no particular reason why, you just wanted him to get the full-on "experience".
However, he refused to dress up as anything, insisting that he alone looked terrifying enough. You co
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 124 37
Haunted House|Septic Egos x Reader
"Man..I don't know about this..I'm kinda having second thoughts," you muttered as you waited in line for the haunted house.
"Oh come on, [y/n], it'll be fine!" Jackieboy Man chuckled, turning to face you once the line stopped moving. "As the hero I'll make sure you get through this house safe and sound!" He spoke with confidence, puffing his chest out slightly.
You giggled a bit, shaking your head in amusement. "Thanks, Jackie."
Ironically, it was your idea to take the Septic egos to the local haunted house. It was fairly popular, having been running for over a decade in your town. It had a different sort of theme each Halloween, although the journey through it usually lasted around ten minutes or so....depending on whether you were a brave soul or a scaredy cat.
Some of the people who were exiting the house glanced over at the waiting line and quirked eyebrows at the men who all seemed to share a similar face. Thankfully, though, none of them said anything.
Finally, i
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 112 35
Don't Hide Away|Antisepticeye x Reader
"Ow! Goddamn it doc, watch that needle!"
"If you vould only hold still I vouldn't have poked you vith it!" The German doctor growled, slightly annoyed as he carefully fixed a snapped stitch on the demon's neck. "Just... stop glitching for one second, please."
"Look, it ain't somethin' that I can just "stop"," Anti rolled his eyes. "Thought ya had a smart enough brain to know that.." He grumbled under his breath, but the other ego in front of him heard his words loud and clear.
"Listen, Anti, zhere vas no need for zhat childish comment." Henrik grabbed a pair of scissors to cut the loose thread. "You should be lucky I still do zhis for you. I only ask for one zhing in return and zhat's-"
"Well sorry for not bein' able to do the one fuckin' thing that is clearly outta my hands!!"
He flinched back at the demon's harsh response, although his eyebrows furrowed together with growing irritation. It had been a long day of work for him, and he just wanted t
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 199 49
Care|Septic Egos x Injured!Reader
"See? I told you not go on zhat hiking trip if you've never been hiking before in your life! But noooo...nobody listens to Doctor Schneeple!" The German doctor grunted with a sigh as he finished getting your arm in the cast.
You merely rolled your eyes in response. "Well sorry, doc..maybe if I wasn't dragged-," your gaze went to a certain Australian's, [e/c] orbs glaring daggers into his dark brown ones, "-there against my will I wouldn't be in this position."
Angus simply gawked at you, before a frown appeared on his own face. "C'mon, mate. Ya know I didn't-"
"Save it." You huffed, putting your hand up to tell him to stop, although that was probably a bad idea as pain began to shoot up your injured arm. "....owie.."
Long story short, Angus had somehow coaxed you into going on some hiking trip with him, and, as a result, you ended up slipping on a rock and breaking your elbow, as well as dislocating your shoulder. You had also hit your side on a sharp rock, hence making i
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 178 92
Never Alone|Antisepticeye x Reader

"Freak of nature."

"Glitch Bitch!"

"Leave Jack alone you demon!"

"Nobody wants you here!"

Anti didn't know where the hell he was, but he found himself sprinting through nothing but darkness.
What was he running from exactly?
It was from those awful, awful voices: the jeers, the taunts, and the insults that echoed in his mind, spewed out like venom from the mouths of people who he once thought cared about him.
Why were they doing this?
Didn't the fans constantly talk about him? Didn't they stay up all night, forming theories and creating things...all for him? And didn't they, in a sense, worship his very existence?
If that was the case then...why say all of those sickening things? Why spit on their very creation?
He didn't understand.
"At least Darkiplier is mature and doesn't whine and beg for attention like a spoiled child. At least we can feel some sympathy for him."
The demon clenched his jaw, his eyebrows furro
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 204 73
Wisdom Teeth|Antisepticeye x Reader
It was a...strangely quiet day for you. Under normal circumstances, you'd think Anti would just show up at your house for no particular reason other than to mess with your electronics or rant about some b.s that was happening back at home.
However, when the demon showed up in the doorway to your bedroom, you may have just found out the reason after all.
"Ah..thish ain't my room.."
Glancing up from your laptop, you blinked in confusion as you heard the rather odd way he was speaking. "Anti?"
"Wha..o-oh hey there [y/n]~" Anti turned around to face you. Your eyes widened, surprised as you noticed his slightly puffy cheeks, narrowed eyes, and something white and red in the corners of his mouth.
"Dude..what happened to you?"
"Oh..? Ya mean what thish is?" He raised an eyebrow, before he grabbed the objects in his mouth and pulled them out, showing you two soggy and bloody cotton balls. "Hen took out my uh..wisdom teeth...some bullshit like that...they've be
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 180 118
Brown Hair|Antisepticeye x Reader
"'s really nice to see Sean go back to his old roots." You chuckled to yourself as you scrolled through Tumblr, seeing all of the pictures and fanart springing up, along with revised ones that had a side-by-side comparison with his once green hair.
However, when you came across some Anti fanart, that's when you stopped and blinked numerous times as the realization suddenly hit you. It was at that moment you felt the air growing heavy with static, so you set down your phone and glanced up at the clock.
"̴I̡T͞'S F̴U͠CK͜I̵NG̛ ͏HI̶D̀E͡ǪU͝S̛!҉!!"̡ 
You gazed at Anti in slight awe as he stood there, in all of his glory, with messy dark brown hair instead of his trademark dark green. He glitched over to the mirror, glowering at his reflection. "I swear if he doesn't fix this RIG͡H͜T͡ N̴OW̛ I'm gonna-!"
"Anti. Calm Down."
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 137 64
Animal Mimicry|Septic Egos x Reader x Markiplier
"Huh..and I thought all of my egos were odd," Mark mused as he stared down at the zombie in a black and white shirt, who was sitting on the floor and cuddling with his Tiny Box Tim plushie with a happy gurgle. "Guess I was wrong.."
"You can't be the one to judge Mark," you pointed out, turning to him with a slight frown. "Your fans are making an ego out of a freaking potato..which is kinda funny because-"
"I get it, I get it." The black-haired male waved it off, chuckling and shaking his head. "Remember, [y/n]. Jack said he'd kick us out if we cracked one more Irish joke."
"Ohh you right, you right."
The two of you then began to snicker, like two young children trying to keep a secret.
Once you were done, you looked back at Robbie. But before you could say something to him, you and Mark saw Marvin walk into the room, with the other egos and Sean trailing behind him.
The three of you exchanged confused glances, until the magician finally spoke up.
"The reason I c
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 123 109
Pillow Fort|Septic Egos x Half-Dragon!Reader
As you made the finishing touches on your masterpiece, you heard the door unlock and perked up. 
"Ah! They’re home! And just in time, too!" You grinned excitedly as you unraveled your scaly wings, flying up onto the top of the roof of pillows and perching yourself there, patiently waiting for them to come and see what you’ve created while they were away.
They might think of it as..odd, but it was simply a family tradition that you were carrying out called "group hibernation". Back in your homeland, where there were other half-dragons like yourself, the winters were rather cold and cruel, so what you did was build up comfy fortresses to hibernate in and stock up on food for the end of the chilly season.
Speaking of food, you already had cans stacked up on the kitchen counters. 'Hopefully they won’t get too mad about that,' you thought, scratching your black claw lightly against the pillow’s material until you heard the voices of the egos.
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 115 44
Emotional Overdrive|Antisepticeye x Reader
"Hey, Anti? Could you come here for a moment?"
"What?" The glitch grumbled as he stepped inside of the magician's room, closing the door on his way in. He raised an eyebrow when he saw Marvin sitting on his bed, open spellbook in lap. His lips were moving, but he was silent as though he was trying to pronounce something. "I haven't got all fuckin' day, Marv."
"A-Ah! Yes, yes," Marvin quickly looked up at him and jumped to his feet, book still in hand. "Would you mind volunteering for a new spell I've-"
"No. I ain't bein' your fuckin' guinea pig again," Anti scoffed, turning on his heel and walking towards the door. "I'm sure ye can find someone else to-"
"It's a spell that could help manage your temper issues. You...said you've wanted to work on them before, did you not?"
At his words, he froze dead in his tracks, before turning back to face him. "...ya know I hate it when other people are right." He sighed in defeat and walked back ove
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 159 62



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