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Nami Dragon's Magic Circle



I've always wanted to make something like this, I just don't know where to start^^" But I found a lovely tutorial from :iconchibimisao: the other day, and I have nothing to do today, so I spent half the day making this circle.

The star and moon design in the center was something that I made up when I first created Nami Dragon (which was 6~7 years ago). I never thought that I'll ever find a use for it^^"

I had fun making this, I think I should make a few more for my other characters too

Edited: For all those asking for the font I used, I don't quite remember since I made this piece a long time ago, but I downloaded them from under Elvish.

Edited 2: Since I get asked a lot, you may use this in your non-commercial art as long as you credit me for it. Also link me your artwork so I know what you use it for.
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can anyone tell me what site was used to make this? Im looking to make my own circle sigil using the symbols for the euro, great british pound, swiss franc, japanese yen and the dollar. It is something im hoping can help me trading currency.