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i have not heard of deviantart iN YEARS

hello hello it's me again!! i just wanna say some things bUT WAIT 

- im not going back here im still dead 
- still not into mlp
- still not drawing ponies
- not taking da commissions, requests, art trades, collabs etc etc etc (mutuals only)
-still drawing humans

okay yeah im done with that

so what im gonna say here is!! that i think deviantart is still not the best for me rn. i'm way more invested in other things and i simply dont have the energy to maintain multiple accounts. i think it's safe to say that i'll be abandoning this account and i highly doubt if i'll ever come back. i'll still keep up with my da feed though! everyone's art is so nice wtf so if you happen to send a message here i'd most probably still answer it! i'll be posting some things im extremely proud of (or need faves lmao) or meme journals but that'll happen once in a blue moon lol

also another thing! i'm not @/namichee on my links anymore, it's @/guiiay now!! on insta do it like my art feed on my memes follow me i need friends

i also have a discord too but the username changes haha 

name as of last update: mister postman??#4756
insta handle as of last update: @/guiiay

one more thing!! please do not send friend requests just yet! just. talk with me. things will come naturally. keep up with my bs until i add you! bam! u did it! ur a mutual of mine and i trust u!!! whoa!!!

updated last 4.17.19
Yuumirou Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2018  Student Digital Artist
hey hey hey hey mister postman
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December 6, 2018


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