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.ref sheet. Lilac Sketch 2018
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By namichee   |   Watch
Published: April 19, 2018
© 2018 - 2019 namichee
whoa!!! a new ref!!! of my main baby!!! what!!!

new stuff:
-changed the hair gradient
-flipped the stem of the cm
-changed the jacket to a sweater
- fixed the hair
-added "markings"
-tinted the sweater
-made the piercing go on both ears
-changed the stepsister to a stepbrother!!

so uh yeah!! good luck drawing the hair haHAH gg betch
noW, oN wItH ThE bIO!!

name: Lilac Sketch Syringa
nicknames: Lilac (preferred), li-li, toast
age: 23
preference: she's pansexual!
status: idk man
gender: female
occupation: the proper title is florist, but hehe lilac doesn't use it
location: the city, binch

mom! : Kia Aphrodi (alive, estranged)
dad: Charles Lightfeather (deceased)
stepbro:(redacted name)

backstory: (copy paste with a few stuff added!) 
Lilac Sketch was born in the smoky city, and her family migrated to the country because of a respiratory illness her father had. She grew up in the mountains of the country enjoying the air of day and night. A few months later, her father had died, leaving her mother to take care of her. Both were grief stricken, and it affected her mother the most. She came home late, usually brought stallions with her, and was usually heavily intoxicated. One day (the stepbrother) just came into her life, and it was suddenly harder for her to take care of her family.
Kia realized that she couldn't take care of her family, which wasn't even of the same blood, so she sent them to Charles' parents back to the city to be raised. As Lilac and 
(the stepbrother) grew, she knew she had to look for a job. One day her life changed.

She was on an expedition with a team to discover an exotic type of flower. They were underground, and they were looking for the flower everywhere. They couldn't find it after a thorough search, so they decided to call it off. Lilac, on the other hand, got lost, and she was looking for her team when she stumbled upon the very flower that they were looking for. She was ecstatic, and the moment she picked the flower, an entity had emerged and revealed herself as the guardian of the flower with the name of Ares. While they were in the cave, they had made a deal. The entity would return her to the team, in exchange for coexisting within Lilac's body as a punishment for picking the flower. She reluctantly agreed, and a while later, the team had found her unconscious, with the flower near her body, with an identical CM in her flank.

While Lilac was recovering, she spent weeks at her room, which was an uncommon thing for her to do. She was talking to herself, albeit there were instances that there was a double voice, as if she was speaking directly to a fan, but she was actually speaking to Ares, learning more about her.

it turns out that Ares served for an evil entity that used to rule and terrorize the world. After a long century, Star Swirl had took his power and banished the entity to the ends of the earth, but before he did, he made a flower grow in a cave, engraved with the entity's power, difficult for ponies to find. They revealed that consuming the flower would grant the pony immortality and unlimited power.

Appalled, Lilac looked at that very flower that was on her desk. Then she had an idea, one that could save her family.

(which was bein a dam florist)

(she finds flowers for her greenhouse. She does extensive research on them so they live an extended life. To make money, she sells uncommon flowers (secretly common, but not usually found by regular ponies shh) to rich af ponies)

so uh?? the old ref was rlly stale?? so I decided I should change her up a bit! so yeah! hope you like her!

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SachikoHHobbyist General Artist
Your oc is so beatifull ! I really love her. *w*

Do you make reference sheet commission ? :0
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namicheeStudent Digital Artist
aa thank you! but unfortunately ref sheet commissions have not even been considered yet ^^ they're really hard to make for me TvT
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SachikoHHobbyist General Artist
I see, thank you for the answer. :3
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