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Nangg'al Ponies by namichee Nangg'al Ponies by namichee
:000 remember that species I said I was going to make?? bang bang, it's finally here!!!
note: It's a cLOSED species, but mainly because I haven't worked on all possible traits yet. I might make them semi-open soon.
this is Anya, the leader of the Fire Tribe!! real tribe name redacted bUT there will be one leader of each element! (earth, water, air, etc.)

a smol summary:
Nangg'al ponies are nocturnal creatures that grow wings in the legs, head, and back. They possess the ability to split any part with wings from their own body(for example, a nangg'al pony with fully developed wings on the back will be able to split into two halves, the top half possessing the wings). Their horns will glow with the element that shows the tribe that they belong to.

other things:
-mostly female
-other nangg'als call their leader "datu" or "heda" (yES, stole that one from the100 hehe pls dont tell)
-they're not immortal, but they cannot die from age
-leaderless nangg'als don't have horns, or they take theirs out when they decide to abandon their tribe
-Nangg'als are originally based from the Mananggal, a mythical creature from Philippine folklore. they're bad peeps that eat babiiieeesss
-the oRIGINAL word comes from the filipino word "tanggal" which means "to remove" (also applies to mythical creature hA)
-I'm probably not going to make a trait sheet anytime soon, when people buy future MYOs, they might get a private trait sheet from me

so!! that's abt it! I hope you'll like 'em as much as i do

more stuff soon!!!

comment and you might get a common myo slot bc i'm feelin nice heheh
bUT i think only nangg'al adopts will be available in the future sometime soz fam

Nangg'al Ponies(c)me
Wooden-Willow Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Stop-- these are too gorgeous,,, IM SUEING FOR THE TEARS FALLING DOWN MY CHEEKS
namichee Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2018  Student Digital Artist
>:000 I'll have you know that i have some grEAT ASS ATTORNEYS
yOuLl nEvER wiN tHe DaMn cAse
thank you so much tho!!! <333
ReynaBluw Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Beautifull *-*
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March 23, 2018
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