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Meet The Artist 2.0! by namichee Meet The Artist 2.0! by namichee
*points* O look issa me
I wanted to make another MTA because the last one I did was gROSS AS SHIT
and I was rlly lazy 
so I put effort in this one!

ffs I'm super proud of this imma make a bio with a description of everything! u cant stop me child

name: Gaby
age: 13 (on october 21, but its on saturday so might as well)
zodiac sign: Libra
gender: nb, but if i had to choose, i would be female
pronouns: she/them/it/eh
nationality: filipino
sexuality: i like girls fite me
piercings: ear(right now) and eyebrow(i want this lmao)

bag-It's also my schoolbag, but I like it so I made it my everyday bag anyway. It's the one in the last mta, but me and my dad went to a con, i bought some overwatch pins, and I stuck them in there. school didnt complain, so it's there for the rest of eternity lololol
cat sketchbook-where i do my anatomy study and drawings. i sometimes also take notes there.
hair bands- it sometimes gets rlly hot, and i tie my hair back because nobody likes a hot day.
watercolor set- I like painting, and I'm fascinated with it, so i bring this with me to experiment and stuff.
comb and brush in one-my parents got this from a hotel in japan, and i use it everyday, because it's compact and and small.
flower pencilcase-it has the rest of my art materials, including a white pen, smudger, ink pen, and rlly cool pencils.
assassination classroom manga- the manga's cool, you should read it sometime
cat wallet-dad bought this wallet for me from japan and i love it
drawing tablet- she's a huion 1060pro+ and i use her to draw on the computer. she's named saccharine i highkey love her
ukelele-I've got cheat sheets along with her. she's got an alice and wonderland sticker, so i named her cheshire. I like to play in my room though, i almost never bring her downstairs, let alone outside

i do talk to people i guess, just rarely. also socializing make my throat dry, it's really awkward and i don't like it.

old n' gross meet the artist: Meet The Artist

character(c) this IS me, so technically this is mine???
namichee Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Aah thank chu bab <333
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October 16, 2017
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