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to the stars... DameRey


-where to, Miss?
-to the stars...

a request by an anonynous on tumblr : a POE / REY fanart   

sohere a little doodle :) let's imagine it's Poe showing Rey his x-wing, maybe in the middle of the night, when the hangar is empty and that the rebel base is sleeping and the stars are shining ; and maybe they are both a little bit tipsy and can’t stop laughing and teasing each other… feel free to imagine if it ends -or not- the same way the Titanic’s scene i used as reference ends hehehe


lineart: DameRey - lineart
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So adorable. :) Nicely captured moment.
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Oh, wow, amazing! :heart:

I hope, we will see that situation in Episode VIII :D

Nice Pic! I love Poe and Rey :rose:
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Delightful situation!! So absolutely lovely )  To the stars!!!!!..
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VERY FUNNY!!!Giggle :D (Big Grin) 
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Very detailed! Love it!
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A part of me really wants to see an interaction between Poe and Rey in the future Episodes or the comics/books/games. I love this piece.
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same! and thank you :)
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Wonderful.... I'm speechless. Pink Heart Icon 
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You always do excellent intimate scenes! They look like they're having so much fun! 
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I'm not usually a DameRey shipper but damn, this is too adorable!
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Nicely done! I'm writing a fanfic about them and I made a scene just like this. I don't know if post links in comments is allowed, so the name is Symbol of Hope and you may find in
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*sweaty hand at the xwing fighter window...*
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I see it i need this☺
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:giggle: Might be a little cramped in there, though. :giggle:
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i love it.  <3

I ship Poe with everybody:LD  Such a great hero 
I started from strompilot ( still Love it) I have something to kylox. ( don't ask) I readed something ot Rey/Kylo fanfic  but not for me ...
But thanks to your Art and post on tumbr  Rey I see (if they'll  give her affair) only with Poe <3. Children  will be so beautiful  by them.

O yes Oscar Isaac playing romance will be... death to me  
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i ship Poe with everybody as well, but yes, i have a preference for Rey :) and all the ships are great (except Rey/Kylo... ugh no :) )
and yessss Rey/Poe has a lot of potential! i really hope at least that we will see them interact in the next movie.oscar & Daisy are so beautiful
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If you subtract Stockholm syndrome. and violence  or incest . and give to modern Au to rey /kylo is ok ..and fanart with them  the most of  are  beautiful.
And yes. certainly will be interaction  between them .Poe /Rey. has to be .. Certainly more Poe in next part.
and I look forward >Comics with Him :D in April
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so basically, if you change everything between Rey and Kylo hahaha
no, i don't ship it at all :)
MORE POE IN THE NEXT EPISODE YES! i read that they made a few changes in the script to give more time to the trio so i really hope for some Rey/Poe interactions
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more trio less  Kylo ren  ( probably)
I have  a dream of Poe  with shirt repairing his x-wing, you know sweat grease and smile on his face ( sound like Fanfic :P)
basically I'm  a weak woman, I need more Poe HOT Dameron in my life
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hahaha same :D
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They look cute together even though I actually ship Rey with Finn.
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