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she was leaving...

By nami64
Henry/Elizabeth + modern au,  after katherine’s birth

The heart monitor provided a slow beat, the only sound besides the hum of other machines. The doctors were pristine in white, and the whole damned place was too clean, too bright, a parody of something pure or safe. His head resting on her lap, he stared at the tubes and wires sticking out of her arm, trying to make sense of it all –but it didn’t make sense. She was fine a week ago: rosy cheeks, eyes sparkling, glowing with her round belly where their (now gone) daughter was growing.
The life ebbed out her body now, her fingers turning each hours colder between his palms. He had asked for her physician to come and help -in vain. He had even prayed God -in vain. She was leaving.

(of course, inspired by the *real* events that happens 5 centuries ago)
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I love the poistioning and composition, it just seems so real. Heart breakingly beautiful!

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Beautifully done in every tecnical aspect and the message, the atmosphere, are really moving.

Great work

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What a powerfull picture and little story this is. Crying. Your pics are allways so full of emotions.
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:sobbing: this got me right in the feels. I saw the picture on DA’s Instagram page and had to come read the story. Makes me think of a few songs.
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Last night with my first wife and I spent like that holding her hand and counting down her breaths before they ended. 
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Beautiful and heartbreaking
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Wow. This is both beautiful and so heart-wrenchingly sad.
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brilliant drawing!
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What a beautifully emotional piece<3
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So sad...the classic 'A walk to Remember' will surely provide is so...
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This is one piece of beautiful art, and sadness
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This is such a beautiful drawing!
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very beautiful my dear Heart 
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Ow ouch.

Makes me think of my dear mom
who left us, for almost two years ago :/…
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Is his head in her crotch?
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Watching this beautiful drawing makes me feel like watching "your lie in april" once again now
You made me shed a tear.
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