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asked by tanaquil: a couple dressed in 19th cent/imperial russian clothes

(i hope it fits your expectations because this is the first time i draw a couple from this period :D and… do they even look russian? i should have added a flag somewhere in the background lmao ANYWAY i hope you like it because i really enjoyed to draw it)

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I'm russian and I have to say that the clothes look absolutely marvelous, but the facial features arent quite russian you might want to research that a bit. But your work is fascinating and i can't wait to see more of it
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is it just me or does the guy look very much like Jasper? :D :D Great job anyways! Love your work.
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It`s beautiful like all your works. 
And I`m russian and I love this period of our history... and they look right.
"Russian?! Unexpectedly"— it was my first thought even before I read annotation.  
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oh good :) it's nice compliment! THANK YOU
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Your costume work is incredible and you do fabric so well. I love how expressive your work is while at the same time mainainting a nice simplicity. 
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C'est très beau!
I love your period pieces, but I especially love the way you put the sparkling details on the jewelry and buttons. You're a wonderful artist. :)
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thank you very much :)
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You're very welcome. I was wondering though if I could make a request for a piece?
You were one of the people who have truly inspired me to draw and now I'm going to the #1 animation school in the world, and I would love to have something to keep by you.
I know you love period pieces so I was wondering if you'd want to draw something of Dido Belle and John Davinier. Of course, am am happy to see any of your drawings even if you don't.

oh, and here's my real art page, if you would like to see some of the things your amazing art has inspired
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in fact it was not a request but an art-trade. she made something for me so i made something for her :) i don't do requests, so no, i am not going to make yours. sorry.
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Alright, I understand. You're still my favourite artist, and if you would like to do an art trade I would be more than happy to oblige.
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cute. always love your detailed scenes
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Wow, they look great!
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