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quiet my Dear friend

i don't like slash or yaoi at all *not my cup of tea* but it was for an art trade (i received a very cute thomas/martha picture, so i drew a Laurens/Hamilton pic)

!!!!!warning just in case!!!!!

“Quiet my Dear friend… we need to toughen you up a bit. Can you imagine what the Bristish would do to you if they captured you?”

a ‘soft’ BDSM drawing with Alexander Hamilton and for the pleasure of the eyes, John Laurens being on top during the Revolutionary War. Look: they were bored, there was this bottle of french wine, they started arguing about who was the toughest… that’s all! TWO MEN BEING JUST FRIENDS! :) no sexual or phallic
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Perfect! Always wanted to know what the two did during the quiet nights in between pitches of battles during 1777-1781
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YES LAMS LAMS LAMS (sorry my fangirl came out)
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yOu sEeMeD sO pUrE
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I'm not as pure as everyone thinks >:-3
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At least you're being impure with Lams >:3c
You could just say you're looking at history, lol
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*insert Lenny face*
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This is truly inspiring
TrebleSketchOfficial's avatar so god damn perfect.  My gods, the detail, the lighting, the totallynotgaywhatareyoutalkingabout vibe.  
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This is so awesome and beautiful and hot. They're totally just friends. Just bros ;)
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Seriously...can't breathe properly...omg this is SO. HOT. 

Thank you!!!
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wheeeze ummm lams uhh yeah thats all
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What did i just find
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I can't.  Melting like wax.  It's so good!
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Your linework and lighting are absolutely perfect 
This is absolutely beautiful! The expressions, background, lighting, everything about it. Excellent work, thank you for sharing it. :)
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