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intimate trust

i wanted to draw something casual and intimate and cute at once for them, something happening like... on a lazy sunday? yeah because i've always found a woman shaving a man quite erotic (don't ask :)) so TADA!
and i added the colors quickly so i am sorry for the bad coloring one the skin particularly *oops*

Sasuke and Sakura - post ch699/pre ch700

tumblr post:…
lineart: LINK
media: my hands, piece of paper, pencil, photoshop


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This is legit sooooooooooo cute!^^

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I was first thinking Tonks and Remus from Harry Potter <3 Lovely pic!
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I always say I'm done with Naruto but I'm never done with good fanart.
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As much as Sasuke is... kind of dangerous, I say, this is pretty freaking sweet.
so lovely, art truly captures intimate scene.
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Relationship goals 
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You inspired this beautiful scene..Thank you ; w ;
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there's more to this than peeling cream from one head Big Fool Emoji-06 (Blush) [V2] .

do you draw your own models?
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Uchiha men can grow beards?!
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almost want to try getting shaved like this :3
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Fuck this is incredibly well drawn! I love it! XD <3
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And then she slits his throat for all his BS when he was rogue
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I mean to put this here, not as a new comment(i cant delete it now..)
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I could not agree with you more.
I dont  care what everyone else thinks.
Naruto fans you can keep being fans, but I just dont understand this.
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I think I've fainted. ....................
You ruined it. You fucking ruined it.
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I just dont see how this relationship became canon, considering the many times Sasuke attempted to murder her and showed absolutely no care or interest in her
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I know, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't go to a sasusaku art and say:
"It should have not been canon" in the comment section.

This is deviantart not youtube.
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this is the internet people do what they want.
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sounds like a horrible place to be
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