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i love QUEEN (in case u didn't know)

By nami64


(bri & fred & rog & deaky)

i needed to take my mind off a few things, and this band and their music always make me happy. 
so, here a lil’ funny drawing with my take of them on two distinctive moments: 1974 and the Sheer Heart Attack album (here the pictures reference), and 1985 with their legendary live-performance at Live Aid (the pictures reference).

sorry for the quality, i drew it rather quickly and my scanner hates me... 

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    DON'T REPOST ON TUMBLR    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This looks absolutely amazing! :clap:

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Awww love it!!!
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i love them too! Beautiful tribute, i did a drawing of Freddie too
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Queen Fan For Life!
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Brian will never lose his lion mane.  That's there forever.
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Aww they're so cute! :love:
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Ohmygod i-
w o w z
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Love or hate the band, there is no denying that Freddy had a hell of a set of pipes!  That man could sing. 
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I saw the movie Bohemian Rapsody back in November 2018 where they got lots of music, epic scenes, and we got to sing along with the movie. I hope I'll get to see Rocketman in late-May which is a movie based on Elton John.
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Who wants to live forever
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Can't go wrong with their music!
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Queen - forever!
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Aaaw this is so cute! I love it!
I love how accurate their looks and outfits are. <3
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I also love Queen and this is amazing 😍🤩
I do, too. :D Looks good!
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I LOVE QUEEN TOO.  This piece also.  Top notch!
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