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got AU - lyanna/arthur + jon


ASOIAF AU: Arthur Dayne wasn’t killed and Lyanna survived childbirth. They fled to Essos with little Jon where he was raised as Arthur’s son. (original idea for the au)

“I am not his father.”
“You are his father in every sense of the word.”
“Except one.”
“The least important one…"

note: i know that arthur is a bit older than her, but still -true knight with honor raising lil' jon with her- yes please!! (and well... any other alternative option is better than her dying for raeginald targashian)
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Wait but if he escaped with Lyanna............

Knock! Knock!

Robert Baratheon-…
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"raeginald targashian" im dying Laugh LOL
Also i never knew how much i needed Lyanna/Arthur as a pairing until now
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thank you ;) 
yeah, whe i discovered this pairing i was like HOLY SHIT! THIS IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL SHIP! haha
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yassssss my guilty pleasure ship/family

 i love it
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same :) thank you!
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I love that you're doing some Game of Thrones stuff!! I remember you doing Tywin and Johanna before. I think at the time I messaged you on tumblr about hoping you did more GoT stuff (like 2 years ago at least lol). But hey! finally some more stuff! and I love love love this! thanks!!

If you don't mind my shameless asking, I'd love to see some Elia Martell and Rhaegar (...before Lyanna caught Rhaegar's eye. They did have two children together and I never see anything about those two)
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to be honest, i don't like Rhaegar so much... haha so i don't think i will draw him.
but, i said before that i was not going to draw more GoT stuff. so who knows??? :)
and thank you fo much for your message!
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Thanks so much for replying! to be honest, I don't like Rhaegar so much either, the character I like is Elia, she suffered such a tragic ending :( . The only reason I would like to see the pairing is because I'd like to think that she was happy before Lyanna came into the picture. Or at least before she was told she would not be able to have more children. They're marriage didn't end well but I'd like to think she at least had a few years of happiness before such a tragedy. 

Sorry for the rant and sorry it took me so long to reply!
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Does this mean that Arthur's sister, Ashara, would have never committed suicide?

I can sort of imagine her living in Essos with her brother's "family" and serve as a sort of doting aunt to lil' Jon. Out of everyone during Robert's Rebellion, Ashara was definitely the one person who deserved a happier ending.
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yeah sure, ashara is alive and she can join them in Essos!! everybody on board for a Better Life :)
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amazing like always!!
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Oooh! Now this is an interesting AU. You have my attention. lol
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Who is arthur dayne? I do not recall this character in the books or show
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he's the dude who was guarding the tower of joy that Lyanna stayed and also he fights with two swords
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Ahh ok that dude.
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