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a little Poe and Rey fanart i drew quickly (sorry for the bad quality :P), because no one can convince me that they DID NOT bond over their love for x-wings & flying machines & how cool the rebel-pilot-helmets are !!
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They didn't talk much, I heard. 
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Your art is great. I mean, Rather this ship than Reylo. Even if they weren't related I would not ship it.
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Glad someone agrees to logic.
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This pairing has the potential to be more fitting than Rey and Finn. This drawing has so much charm. Keep up the great work, nami64 :)
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Awesome! :D If not Rey and Finn, then at least Rey and Poe. Thanks for showing this. :thanks:
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YES. This is the pairing I want to become canon. I would love to see them geeking out over a mutual love of all things techy and that can be flown! Perfect!
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i feel the same :)
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... now I want to see this pairing become canon all of a sudden...
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So, how did you like the movie?
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i liked it! a lot of nostalgic vibes yes, but with new characters and great actors... it sounds promising :)
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