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calvin.hobbes.suzy.manga style



an older version of Calvin, Hobbes & Susie and in a manga style, so... voilà ^^ (this comic is hilarious, SO funny !!)
yes, they are "super" friends :D

(i'm very proud of the result)
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Very nicely done in terms of giving an old school comic strip the manga style makeover.

Still. I do have to wonder as to what happened to Hobbes right eye?

Did he lose it in some gigantic huge fight to the death with some other huge Manga Monster?

Or did the Doll version of Hobbes loose it's eye via getting too old and beyond repair and this only happening when he's a stuffed animal toy?

With him still having a right eye when he comes to life in Calvin's imagination.

That's what I really want to know!! But I digress.

Aside from that. A fine job done on the drawing. God bless and have a good day.