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alphonse x mei


someone on tumblr requested a little older-alphonse elric x mei chang fanart (FMA) and, i wanted to do that at first.
but idk what happened... it turned into a mini-comics lmao. i draw it rather quickly so, please, be indulgent :)

*enjoy the domestic fluff*

my headcanon for them is that Mei ends up ambassador of Xing, so she travels a lot (i can't imagine her staying forever in Xing after what happened) and same about Alphonse, who travels to improve his knowledge. so they both visit the world together during years...


!!!!!!!!!DO NOT REPOST ON TUMBLR!!!!!!!!!!!

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This is hands down, the cheesiest comic ever.......I LOVE IT!
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Oh my goodness... the cuteness
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damn. pitch into my heart. thanks. Papyrus's Tears 
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I'm re-reading this manga right this minute. Love your take on Al and Mei.... 
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The ending of FMA implied she had moved to Resembool with Alphonse, Eric, and Winry. At least, that was the impression I was under. :shrug:
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we don't know for sure, but at least, i think she lives in Amestris. personally, i don't imagine her living in the (too much?) peacefull Resembol... she likes adventures and is in some ways ambitious. Maybe in Central City then? it is just a headcanon i have :)
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Huh. This is a ship/fanart I was NOT expecting to see today. Right in the childhood.
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Oh my gawd they’re so cute togetheeer, mah heart is so happy to see these guys again💕
Can you do a riza x roy comic strip?
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Yes to this suggestion. Just so much yes!!!!!!
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Awwwww i love sweet stuff like this
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I've never seen this ship before. It's so cute! :)
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Awwwww! So cute!
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Aw precious fluff 
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