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Sansa and Theon

(i had to draw something for them before the next episode -bc i’m certain it will break my heart)

so, let’s imagine this fanart is after the war(s) they both survived. Sansa is still the Lady of Winterfell, and she asks for Theon to stay to help the rebuilding of the North -and b/c she doesn’t want to lose anyone else. He gladly accepts. Winterfell is as much his home as the Iron Islands are, and he knows the Islands are in good hands. He becomes a valued adviser, a dear confidant and on occasion, an escort if needed. Their unique bond is evident to everyone around. Some whispers that the many wedding proposals rejected by Sansa are due to this bond between the now Lady of Winterfell and her shadow. But these are just whispers…

here MY tumblr post :…


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I would love to see more a song of ice and fire characters and/ or ships( Like rhagaer and Lyanna )! Love your art so much!

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i don't like the couple rhaegar/lyanna, so no.

but thank you for my art :)

zuko-gaara-lover's avatar

No worries! i don't care for them one way or another (but did see cool fan art) but I've always loved your art and its so cool to see my favorite books get some art from you!

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J'étais sûre que tu allais sauter sur le Theonsa ;) Je serai une Jonsa jusqu'à la fin mais j'ai adoré leur complicité dans le dernier épisode :heart:
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oh je n'ai pas 'sauté' dessus. je les ai déjà dessinés haha je les ship depuis la saison 5... mais j'ai su être discrète :)
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Totally shipping this! And I love the look you gave Theon.

Now let's wait for next week when all our hopes and dreams are crushed. 
the-jazz-living-soul's avatar
The short story you just put in my head is amazing! I love these characters, but, like you, I think the next episode will be heartbreaking :-(
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WOW, it's great!!!:happybounce: 
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omg i just saw a clip of their reunion on youtube!! 
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Wow love the character design this way
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I really like the version of Theon here ^^
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I will always have a hard time forgiving Theon for what he did. >.< And I get that he suffered insanely for it.. but thinking of him marrying Sansa makes my stomach swirl. I like the idea of him protecting and advising her though.
Your drawing style is really good at capturing these characters.
tranki-zieleniack's avatar
I like your design of Theon, looks very interesting and handsome :)
Sansa reminds me her mother a lot!
K98deviant's avatar
Reminds me of Treaver and Slypha from Castlevania! :D
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Very lovely!
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I'm still holding onto hope the battle at Winterfel will go much better than expected...

... because the Night King is too busy south with the bulk of his forces turning King's Landing into his new breeding ground for wrights.
kingofthedededes73's avatar
I agree, I have a feeling the battle at winterfell is not the final battle, it may only have half the whitewalker army, and the night king ISN'T with them, he's heading to king's landing for an ambush there, plenty of new recruits there, including the mostly already undead Mountain.

Because really there's supposed to be 6 episodes this season, and the walkers made it to winterfell at ep 3. 6 will clearly be an epilogue episode like other season finales, so what will 4 and 5 have being done, it can't all be at winterfell
Aikurisu's avatar
I also think there was a bit of strategy played on the writers' part to have literally everyone of interest in the north.  Even Bronn has probably left King's Landing at this point so that leaves very few characters people are interested in at KL.  Cersei is loathed and certainly won't be missed.  Euron will simply jump ship and sail back to the Iron Isles and who knows what will happen to Qyburn... and it won't be pretty.  We still need Cleganebowl to be a thing, though. XD

In the end, it makes sense that King's Landing falls.  It's often been hinted sombrely that it has a population around a million, which the Mad King would use to bolster his numbers to the point nothing could possibly stand in his way.  Worse, King's Landing is the softest target in Westeros right now, even with the Golden Company and Lannister army at Cersei's command.  They're not prepared for the undead and all that precious dragonglass is up in the north now.
kingofthedededes73's avatar
That is definitely a likelihood, And even KL's best weapon, that giant crossbow that's supposed to slay Dragons, hasn't worked against Drogon and definitely won't work against Viserion either, since he's already dead and Walkers are able to take serious damage before dying a second time, even being cut in half doesn't kill em!

The show has hinted that the Red keep will end up being destroyed anyways, even back when Dani was in Qarth trying to rescue her babies, her vision inside the tower showed the castle terribly broken, snowy and looking as if something big broke it down.

But yea it'd also be great justice is the Hound has to fight Walker Mountain and end up defeating said undead brother using fire, thematically also getting over his own pyrophobia. But before that the Mountain has to kill Qyburn horribly.
Aikurisu's avatar
Pretty sure it's Viserion who roasts the Red Keep at this rate.  Would explain Dany's vision seeing the throne room covered in snow.  That would be the aftermath of Viserion's attack, which /is/ something akin to  ice and fire?  (Also a great poetic nod to the aSoIaF book series.)

I do wonder if Cersei will be stubborn enough to just sit on the throne as it happens or whether she somehow escapes and gets strangled later by Jaime.  Doubtful it'll be Tyrion who will do the deed...
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