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Maron and Daenerys Martell

Prince Maron Martell and his wife, Princess Daenerys Targaryen I

In 197 AL, the union between Prince Maron Martell and Princess Daenerys Targaryen was carried out, and with this marriage, Dorne formally joined to the rest of the Seven Kingdoms.
Maron Martell built the Water Gardens, a place of beauty made of colored marble with pools and trees, to please his new bride and free her from the dust and heat of Sunspear.
Their children played in the pools along with the children of other highborn lords. It is said that one day when the sun was hot, Daenerys took pity on the children of the servants and guards and allowed them to play in the pools with the highborn children, starting a tradition that is still kept in Dorne to this day.
A portrait of Princess Daenerys still hangs in Sunspear.
Whether Daenerys loved her half-brother Daemon, as those who rose for the Black Dragon later claimed, who could say? In the years afterward, Daenerys was never aught but a loyal wife to Prince Maron, and if she mourned Daemon Blackfyre, she left no record of it.


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Although loving smiles on their faces would have been most appreciated, I gotta LOVE 💚 your depiction of the first Daenerys and her attentive husband. Details such as her grip around his arm and the Martell sun🌞 on his shoes are most loving touches, but probably the best bit is the contrast between her Valyrian features and his darker Rhoynish ones! 🤩!!

PS: Such a satisfying marriage for so many reasons: it put an end to the endlessly bloody Dornish Wars between Sunspear and the dragons, it was a big slap for Daemon's ambition (if you ask me, he wanted her merely for the crown, not love, why else wait NINE years after the wedding to rebel), (as you mentioned) Maron built the Water Gardens to make Daenerys comfortable and it clearly was a happy and successful arranged coupling, knowing what high esteem House Martell holds for the two and their legacy.

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Indeed, both are very elegant, it seems a meeting of different cultures, but at the same time complement each other as pairs.

De hecho, ambos son muy elegantes, parece una reunión de diferentes culturas, pero al mismo tiempo se complementan entre sí como pares.

Realmente, os dois estão muito elegantes, parece um encontro de culturas diferentes, mas ao mesmo tempo se completam como pares.
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Man, now I wanna see Princess Daenerys by her lonesome.:( But this picture is quite lovely.
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Your art is incredible :')
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Amazing work on their attire!
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thanks! i love to draw details and clothes :) my fav part
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Very nice!
It's known very little about them but they intrigue me as a couple... probably for the satisfaction of seeing the "dreamgirl" of that assaface of Daemon Blackfyre swifted away by a probably nicer and smarter Martell XD
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lmao same *WE DONT CARE ABOUT YOU DAEMON* it seems she was happy and satisfied with this union... and i mean, he built the water gardens for her!
anyway, thank you!!
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your'e very welcome!
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Amazing work love the colors you chose
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Would you like to have your art in the Spanish Wikia of ASoIaF?
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sure! but with credits :)
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and could you link me to the pag you will use it. i am curious :)
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Yoooou're welcome
Micaerys's avatar
No problem, as soon as possible
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nice detailed work
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Omg, I love it!
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