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Calvin and Hobbes 2010

my tribute for the Year of the Tiger… yeah, I’m late.

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I wanted to draw another Calvin & Hobbes (here, the precedent btw : [link] ) so… a fanart about a fantastic, poetical, wonderful, brilliant comics.

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Calvin & Hobbes are the property of (the genius) Bill Watterson

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media : piece of paper, pencil, fountain pen, photoshop, picasa
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I'm gonna tattoo this on my back some day.

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Calvin looks like a blond Roronoa Zoro. This art is marvelous. Well done.
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Man, Hobbes is the cutest damn tiger ever. Even Tigger wasn't this endearing. Calvin wouldn't be complete without him, let's be honest.
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Cool :D I used to have the Calvan and Hobbs graphic novel. I love how punk they are without even trying to be punk. 
Hi. Do you sell this as a print? I can download the image and do it myself, but that doesn't seem very fair to you!
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Lol this means the world to me, kinda like a 3rd wall in a way reality shock
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Calvin and hobbes!!!
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I just love looking at their funny comics and laughing any type of stuff they ever did funny together XD.
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this is seriously cool. would love to see an animated version of this.
I'm a fan of Calvin and Hobbes also.  This shows that imagination should not die as you get older, it should grow with you.
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This is TIP-TOP artwerk! Is there any to grace the wall of my home?
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I've always loved Calvin and Hobbes.

To think of all the fan work those two have spawned...

I wonder what Billy Boy Watterson would think?
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This might b he best thing I've ever seen! I never liked to think of him growing up and letting Hobbes disappear from his imagination. This is just how I want to think of them!
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aww thats neat!
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So flippin' awesome!!!
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MindBLOWN...It looks like the American version of Life Of Pi. That's fantastic!
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My childhood. :) Epic style.
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