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Bella and Roddy
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Published: September 4, 2007
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The Macabre Dance
Bellatrix & Rodolphus dancing in the blood of their victims. For them, the blood is the greatest aphrodisiac :D
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So deliciously dark and beaitiful at the same time! Awesome work! ^^
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laurabowdenHobbyist Artist
Creepy... :D
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runensteinHobbyist General Artist
I love this so much I don't even know what to say
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VashtaSilvestrisHobbyist Digital Artist
This is a great piece of art. I love their expressions and - in fact - I love that it looks like they're actually in love. In my headcanon she really loved him (and she maybe just started having some kinky crush of the Dark Lord at the point she met him in person and became a deatheater?). In my head, she never stopped loving Rodolphus. I find it really sad, that Rowling didn't let Bellatrix and Rodolphus stay in love and just kept talking about the false and obsessive love Bella felt for the Dark Lord... as if "bad people" weren't able to truely feel like "the good" ones do.

And 'thanks' for drawing her with (kinda) straight hair! I like it much better than the curly and sorta weird updo people draw her with since the movies came out.
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You have one very good point. The reason why HP will always only be 'good' and never be 'very good' for me is because J.K.R. couldn't let go of an black-white perspective. She claims to be against prejuicdice (descrimination = werwolfs, mudbloods,...etc) but the way how she is telling the story she is doing the same in the end (rich (blond) people = evil, only one group is the perfect ideal (gryffindors) others are  automaticaly bad (slytherings),... etc.)
She never create a logical self-consistent theory about magic/ the so called dark magic/pure-blood believes and how and why they spread,...etc. which would be important for the story. I'm going so far that it is very insolent copying directly from a cruel phenomen like anti-semitism with such a long complex history in such plain way. 
Most people who are doing 'evil' actions are not conscious they are doing something bad but think they are doing something good. Only because someone is a murderer doesn't mean he cannot truly honestly love his family (which makes it bullshit that more 'normal' deatheaters with families like the Malfoys, crabbe, goyles,...etc. cannot make a patronus but a mean person like Umbridge can). And she totaly lost me with the fact that she portraied CHILDREN from the beginning as onesided good (gryffindors) and onesided bad (slytherins), ignorant nerds (ravenclaw) and lovely loosers (huffelpuff). It's clearly pure purpose. 
Also the claim murder is inhumanly is nonsense. Gladly it's not so common and neccesary anymore in modern days but for thousands of years it wasn't unnatural for the human race to kill each other even if it's "only" for power/egoistical motives. It's also nonsense some claim animals aren't like that. Some races aren't some clearly are more agressive even only for fun with conspecifics like orcas, dolphines or orangutans.
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Why do you call Bellatrix' love for Voldemort false? It is obsessive, mad and so on but it's still love. Don't see why her suppossed "love" for Rodolphus could have been better.
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I really love this (and the pairing!) especially their expressions. It looks like they actually do love each other, but in possibly different ways. Rodolphus' expression suggests sexual and romantic attraction, and he looks a lot like a doting husband. Bellatrix is almost laughing, and she has a expression that would be called 'sweet' on a child. She is also attracted her husband, but maybe not romantically... maybe just sexually and maybe almost as a crush.

I really have no idea, and I may have taken my analyzing too far, but that's what their expressions suggest.
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SerpentEmpress15Hobbyist General Artist
This is just......WOW FANTASTIC this picture is worth a GAZILLION WORDS!!
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Not that the rest is bad at all, but this is your best HP-piece! =D
Love everything from the colouring to the scene to the cartoonish style!
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Absolutely beautiful. Five stars.
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This is absolutely amazing! I ship these two so hard! Beautiful work!
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The-Mysterious-JHobbyist Traditional Artist
who is rodolpus again?
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The husband of Bellatrix in the books.
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I have a ridiculous amount of feelings about these two. (heart)
This is gorgeous!
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cupkakedsprinkleHobbyist Traditional Artist
love it!
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DramioneKidHobbyist Artist
in the words of Barney Stinson "LEGEN- wait for it -DARY!"
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The colouring is well done, and I like the splashes of blood. my favourite thing about this picture is her body language, the way her arms are flung out as if she is playing. The contrast between their expressions and the background etc is really effective in portraying their characters' 'evilness'.
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Luna-JayeHobbyist Artist
I absolutely love this pic :)
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ThatRavenclawGirlStudent General Artist
Oh my god. This is just too much epicness, I can't even handle xD
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