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Adam and Michael('s grace)

during the Supernatural Hiatus, i rewatched the episode with the archangel Michael and Adam (s15e08) and... i really enjoyed thier dynamic :)
i had to draw something for them!!

so here you have Adam -or the embodiment of Adam' soul- entirely surrounded and immerged in Michael's grace, and being totally cool with that.

(i just love the idea of a 19 years old boy and the oldest & most powerful archangel bonding and becoming bff after centuries spent together)

note: i don't own the characters -particularly, the archangel michael
media: piece of paper, pen, and photoshop

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Great job! :D

Totally agree with you there. Their dynamic is beautiful! :la:

I vote for Michael to stick with Adam and keep his grace far away from Dean.

I'm using the hiatus to re-watch everything. Again. :lol: