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2019 QUEEN

modern take of the band QUEEN, just for fun Nod 

imagine in 2019, in today's london: one astrophysics student, one art/design student, one biology student and one electrical engineering student bonding over their love for rock'n'roll.

from left to right: brian may, freddie mercury, roger taylor, john deacon

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:+favlove: I love this so much!!

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Roger and Freddie's outfits in particular look FABULOUS! Heart 
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Love this - especially Brian and Roger .
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OMG I love it!!!
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I’m crying I love this so much 
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Adorable!!! I love them!
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......I want his jacket. Yes the rainbow jacket. I love rainbows. WANTTEEEEEEZ!!!!!!!!
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Love it!  They look fresh from Pride Week.
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It's fantastic! They're lovely!!! I really really like this!
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Love it!!! ❤️
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This is beautiful :)
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omg!!! i love this!!  I am a dummy! Heart Heart 
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This is amazing! Keep up the brilliant art work! ❤
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This is brilliant. You've taken their individual styles/look and subtly modernised them and it works so well, I especially like how you drew Freddie. He stands out but also appears shy.
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it was fun to imagine modern clothes for them indeed :)
thank you !!
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